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    Cleveland, OH Pest Control

    Our exterminating services reach into the Cleveland Metro Area. Read about the services that we offer. Learn, from our view, about pest control in Cleveland, OH.

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    Rocky River, OH Pest Control

    Our exterminating services are popular in Rocky River. Mice and mud daubers love homes in Rocky River! Check out what we do for pest control in Rocky River, OH.

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    Westlake, OH Pest Control

    Westlake’s mix of old and new creates a slurry of pest activity. Read about what to watch out for in the way of pest control in Westlake, OH.

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    Bay Village, OH Pest Control

    Bay homes are pretty unique compared to homes in the surrounding areas. Find out what we know about pest control in Bay Village, OH.


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Greater Cleveland Service Area

Do to urban sprawl, the age of our homes generally get newer, the further from downtown we get. Just because a home is newer, does not mean that it will have less pests. A pests ability to enter and establish itself within a home, primarily depends on the crevices in which it can enter and hide. Newer homes often have as many or more gaps and voids than older, well- maintained, homes.

Different types of construction are susceptible to different pests. For example: homes with wood siding are prone to woodpecker damage. Homes with vinyl siding are susceptible to stinkbugs and mice. Homes with aluminum siding get a lot of German yellowjackets.

For every town there are certain pest susceptibilities that are common due to the prominent style of architecture in the area. Dutch Colonial homes have terrific soffit eves that act great as bird houses. The pillars of Greek Revival homes mimic a tree trunk. Carpenter ants take a liking to them.

Different areas of Cleveland feel pressure from pests that are relatively unknown in other locations. If you live by Lake Erie, spiders are a huge nuisance. If you live adjacent to the Metroparks, destuctive raccoons rise out of the woods at night. Newer developments are often built on agricultural land. It takes time for the cluster fly and field mice populations to crash.

Find your town below to learn about dealing with pests in yor area. This is written from our experience working in each town. We hope that you find it useful and informative.

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