Rocky River wildlife control, squirrel trapping from Lakewood Exterminating

Rocky River Wildlife Control

Has nuisance wildlife found a home within your Rocky River home? Thankfully right across the valley is Lakewood Exterminating. A wide variety of wildlife control services is offered to residents in Rocky River, OH.

Accepting the expense of hiring an animal trapper, to remove a wild animal from your home, is irritating to say the least. But it takes more than an Animal Trapper to prevent the issue from reoccurring. Problem critters exploit structural defects. Removing them allows our Certified Wildlife Control Operators to make the proper repairs on your home.

We like to provide our customers the option to never have to deal with nuisance wild animals again. While many people call us not wanting to pay a penny for trapping; nearly every one of our customers choose a high level of remediation service.

Our Wildlife Removal Service in Rocky River, OH is a diverse platform.

  • Rats pop up in basements.
  • Mice climb underneath siding.
  • Skunks sneak under decks.
  • Squirrels chew into dormer eaves.
  • Raccoons invade attics.

Most of our customers have very little understanding about urban wildlife management. Its nice to imagine a simple catch and release down in the metroparks. Properly managing these highly adaptive creatures requires a high level of expertise. These vermin can be extremely destructive. They also can carry and transmit parasites and disease. Ever wonder why your pets have fleas? Why take the slightest risk of exposing your family to Salmonella, rabies or any of the other zoonotic disease organisms that they carry? Our Licensed Wildlife Control Operators not only trap wild animals, but seal their entry holes for prevention.

You’ll be given the opportunity to restore your home to its original state. Our biohazard remediation service properly cleans and disinfects wildlife contamination. Your home is left protected and secure.

If you have rats, bats, or even a raccoon, please contact Shawn at Lakewood Exterminating: 216-466-2486.