We need people and pets keep out of the treatment area until the spray has dried. This is true for both indoor and outdoor pesticide applications. Drying times can vary depending on many factors. On a sunny summer day, an exterior pesticide application will dry fast. Expect longer drying times when the ground is damp with cooler temperatures.

Likewise, a flea and bed bug treatment will take longer to dry. The treated upholstered furniture dries slower than a surface spray.
When we use dust formulations inside, we need people to keep out of the area for at least 45 minutes.

For interior applications, the treatment area need to be vacant for at least an hour.

And at least 4 hours for bed bug treatments.

For ants, centipedes, and spiders plan to keep out of the rooms that we treat for a couple of hours.

We will be able to treat with less restrictions when you follow these guidelines. We will not be able to use aerosols or dusts if we are treating inside, and occupants are nearby. Make sure you follow any preparation guidelines, and vacate the treatment area.