We combine thorough inspections with detailed treatments. As a result, you decrease pesticide use and service intervals. While this is true, we do not have a magic eraser that removes all signs of pests. We select the most effective pesticides and apply them according to the Law.

Weather might affect the treatments at times. Or pests might be able to access the home in ways to avoid our pesticide application. For example, ants often use vegetation as a bridge to the home.

Single service general pest treatments come with a 60-day warranty. Many customers opt for a year-round warranty with the quarterly maintenance plan. In this case, the warranty is for all perimeter pests. You will receive 20% off non-covered pests and wildlife service.

The 3-visit mouse control plan allows us to maintain the traps/ bait over a period. This confirms that there is no more activity by the final visit. As a result, you receive a 90-day warranty. Keep in mind you should repair all potential entry points to keep more mice from entering. If practical, do your best to make any extra recommended repairs.

You must prepare according to our guidelines for roaches, fleas and bed bugs. To keep the provided warranty, you must follow the guidelines.