Since mice are territorial, they rarely travel more than 30 feet from their nests. Keep in mind this range extends vertically- not just outward. If there is food around, sometimes they do not travel further than a few feet. Additionally they travel their entire territory daily, while using the same route. As they dart around, they explore new objects and changes made within the area. Due to this exploratory nature, it is beneficial to move around objects wherever you place the traps. Mice develop runways called pheromone trails. Our mouse exterminators will locate these trails to set up our highly effective control products.

The most agile mice can jump onto a flat surface 12 inches high- without a running start. That is pretty impressive. In order to climb, all they need is a little texture to grab onto. They can run up nearly any vertical surface; wood, brick, pipes and cables. If they need to, they can jump down 8 feet without injuring themselves. Since they can squeeze through openings larger than a 0.25 inches diameter, there is not much these vermin cannot gain access too.