A Consultation
Whether done on the phone, email or in person, gathering details helps us help you. If you are home during the service, give us the tour. Tell us what you have been experiencing and where. This is a time where we can answer any questions that you have and ask questions to better solve your problem. With each job we have a mental checklist running. After we tap into your knowledge, we fill in the blanks with a good look into key areas. Our goal is to find out what is happening and why.

A Detailed Inspection
Inspections are a key component to any pest control service. A detailed inspection diagnoses even the most complex pest problems. People overlook the value of a skilled exterminator evaluating their home to control pests. Pests will exploit the vulnerable points of your home, especially wildlife. A good exterminator will identify these areas. In other words, we take time to look for the source of the issue.
For example, a customer of ours had mice. We located the entry point underneath the front porch. The problem was resolved by repairing the entry point in the foundation. And by trapping the rogue mouse. We also found out that the foundation hole developed from a broken downspout. The hole would have grown into significant damage if we didn’t figure that out. So, you can see the value of pest control service. Not only will we treat the problem, but we will also make our best effort to get to the bottom of things.

Unlike some companies that send out a salesperson, we come ready to treat. People hire an exterminator to get rid of their pests pronto, and with little effort on their part. Our services cater to this fact. You will receive a pest treatment that we have refined for over a decade. Our tailored services exceed the needs of our local customers. It rids homes of high populations of common pests. And it considers the safety of people, pets, and the environment.

Warranty or Discounted Follow-Ups
For most pest control services, you are purchasing a home warranty against pests. Warranty your home year-round with quarterly maintenance. Buy a bed bug treatment plan and you receive a 60-day warranty. Same thing with ants, spiders and stinging insects.
A warranty does not guarantee that you will not find troublesome pests at your home. If you find evidence of pest activity covered under your warranty, contact us. We will respond to provide you with free follow-ups until the activity subsides. Since we are backing our service with free follow-up visits, we do everything we can to make your home pest free.
Some services do not come with a warranty. Instead, you will receive discounted follow-up services. This for pest problems caused by sanitation issues, or for our budget-friendly options.

For example, we offer a 3-visit mouse control service that allows us to make sure no activity remains. As a result, you receive a 90-day warranty. In some cases, the 3 visits are not necessary. Or customers would rather check the traps themselves than to pay us to check them. Or people might not have 300-400$ to spend on mouse control. So instead, they buy a single service without a warranty. They can still call if needed. In these cases, follow-up visits are about half the cost of the initial service.
We do the same for cockroaches. You can buy a warrantied 2-visit service. Or you can buy a single service with half priced follow-ups. Sometimes there are sanitation issues that stop us from being able to provide a warranty. As a result, we offer discounted retreatments within a certain time. Flies are one pest that are always a result of a sanitation issue. Fly larvae feed on decaying organic material. For example, a dead carcass, feces, or dirty drains. Due to this, we do not provide a warranty for fly issues.