Reduce the risk of pesticide exposure to humans, non-target organisms, and the environment.

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IPM is a long-standing, science-based, decision-making process that identifies and reduces risks from pests and pest management strategies.
It coordinates the use of pest biology, environmental information, and available technology to prevent unacceptable pest levels by the most economical means, while posing the least possible risk to people, property, resources, and the environment. National Pest Management Association

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Integrated pest management is a multi-step process that guides Pest Management Professionals toward efficient, effective, and sustainable pest management that emphasizes pest prevention and non-chemical methods. This decision-making process backed up by thorough monitoring, record keeping, integration of a variety of control strategies and customer communications are
the principal characteristics of IPM.NPMA

Our Structural IPM Program Emphasizes 3 Fundamentals:

Pest Prevention:

GreenPro Pest Control Service-
A Preventative Maintenance Program For Your Home or Business.

Multiple Management Strategies and Tools:

IPM Utilizes Cultural And Mechanical Control Methods Primarily. Chemical Controls Are Used Only If Necessary.

Systems Approach:

GreenPro Service Works With Your Housekeeping, Waste Management, And Food Service Programs That Are Already In Place.

Green Pest Control Is Not As Simple As Switching From One Chemical Pesticide To Another Natural Product.Shawn Payne- Owner of Lakewood Exterminating
How Is It Done?

  • Suppress pest reproduction. Controls are strategically implemented during vulnerable points in the life cycle of pests.
  • Eliminate potential pest access. Pests come from nature. We make repairs to structures. This keeps pests out where they belong!
  • Elimination of potential shelter and habitat. Once pests have entered your environment, they tend to hide. We know where to look!
  • Remove the availability of food and water. All living things require sustenance. Doesn’t reading this make pest control sound easy?

3 Pest Control Methods That Are Integrated Into One Program:

  • Mechanical Control:
    If you can reach out and touch your pest, it is often best to pick it up and remove it. Vacuuming, trapping, and steam cleaning, are examples of mechanical control methods.
  • Cultural Control: Every living thing has its own environmental conditions that it requires to survive. We manipulate these things to gain control of the pest population.
  • Chemical Control: No matter if the product you use is organic or synthetic, it is still considered a chemical control. We do not rely on chemical control. We rely on our extensive knowledge of pests. Chemical control is a tool. If it makes sense, we use it.
Whether you operate a household or a business, you have certain systems in place. Our GreenPro Service utilizes these systems in its approach to pest prevention. Your GreenPro Technician will work with you and other participants in the systems of your home or business. Customer education, and a clear line of communication is essential to an IPM program’s success.
Cultural and certain mechanical controls can take time to properly implement. Often these are the safest, most effective controls available. Since some changes happen over time, responsibility to perform certain duties often fall on the building occupants. Customer participation is mandatory in our GreenPro Program. If establishing a partnership with your very own Pest Management Professional does not sound flattering; please contact us for our “conventional pest control services”.

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    How To Cancel GreenPro Service.

    If you are not receiving satisfactory results, the green service may revert to one of our conventional pest control plans. The customer must provide written notice to their PMP (Pest Management Professional) in order to be removed from the GreenPro Protocol. If customer cannot provide written permission, verbal permission is acceptable. Lakewood Exterminating is then required to send out written notice of the change in service by the end of the next business day. The written notice shall clearly indicate the termination of the GreenPro service, explain why a green service will no longer be employed, what the proceeding conventional service entails, and how this differs in terms of product usage, frequency and responsibility of the customer.