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Knowing Your Home: Managing Pests

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March 25th, 2017 Lakewood Alive allowed Shawn Payne, the Owner of Lakewood Exterminating, the opportunity to share his knowledge with the public. As part of the Knowing Your Home series of workshops, Shawn shared the following presentation at the Lakewood Public Library. For those whom attended and would like to review the material covered, please enjoy. For those unable to attend feel free to take a look to see what was covered in the class. Please use our contact page with any questions.

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How To Kill Bed Bugs Like A Pro

Shawn Payne Bed Bug Control Tips

Bed bugs are very complex organisms. People struggle to get rid of them because they do not know enough about bed bugs, and are not properly treating for them. Reintroduction is also very common which can complicate control. Education is the key to any successful bed bug control plan. People often rush into the elimination process and end up complicating the issue. Treating your home for these parasites is an extremely detailed process. If you are not prepared to educate yourself before taking action; then we recommend that you call an exterminator immediately. This is not something that can easily be solved by purchasing a product and spraying it. Likewise throwing your bed on the curb will do little good. …

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Bed Bug FAQ

Shawn Payne Bed Bug Control Tips

Where Did Bed Bugs Originate? Cimex lectarius has a known origin of 2 million years ago in Saudi Arabia. They are thought to have developed from the bat bug, Cimex pilosellus. Both species rarely interbreed, coexist on the same host, or change their primary host from bats to men or vice versa. During the caveman era, it is thought that bat bugs descended onto neanderthals living in caves. Over time they adapted themselves to feed primarily on humans. To find out more about the bed bug genome click here to view Dr. Booth’s website. Why Did Bed Bugs Go Away? These parasites were prolific until we began using DDT on them. This nearly wiped away their existence. Our past practices …

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New Bed Bug Pheromone Trap Planned For 2017

Shawn Payne Bed Bug Control Tips

According to information provided at the 2016 Global Bed Bug Summit; there is reportedly a prototype currently being developed by the Scott’s/ Miracle-Gro Company for a bed bug pheromone trap. Planned to be released in 2017, this innovative monitoring device is expected to surpass our current line of bed bug monitors in efficacy and affordability. Pheromones Sex Signals While most insect pheromone traps use sex pheromones, the new trap will not. In fact, female bed bugs do not give off sex pheromones. These insects breed through the process of traumatic insemination. The male reproductive organ is a sickle-shaped paramere that pierces through the female’s exoskeleton. Sperm is directly injected into her abdominal body cavity. Female bed bugs get significantly injured …

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Top 5 Worst Home Pest Control Remedies

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Do Not Try This at Home You’ll see some crazy stuff when you venture into people’s homes that are struggling with pests. As a result, here are our top 5 worst home remedies for pests. Please note that we are an exterminating company. We see homes that fail to control their own pests. There are people that use home remedies successfully. It is unlikely that we will ever be exposed to such a person. Therefore the folowing information is strictly from our viewpoint. #5 Boric Acid We use boric acid products in our business to control ants, cockroaches, centipedes, earwigs, and small flies. We use scatter bait granules at nearly every home we service. As much as we love the …

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Tips For Keeping Wasps and Hornets Away From Your Home

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Tips for Keeping Wasps and Hornets Away from your Home Don’t get stung this summer! Here is a guide to handling pesky wasps and hornets and making sure you and your family stay safe from painful stings. Know the Difference- When it comes to stinging insects, it’s important to know the difference between the species and how to handle each different type. Yellow Jackets-a variety of paper wasp, yellow jackets tend to build their nests in nooks and crannies that already exist, such as rodent holes or crevices around your house. Since they are a particularly aggressive species, it’s best to contact your pest control specialist rather than try to tackle the problem yourself. Bald-faced Hornets- These insects build their …

Why bug bombs do not work.

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This article was written by Aaron Veal Owner of Phoenix Pest Control. #whatbugsme If I had a dollar for every time I met a new customer who told me they tried bug bombs before calling me I would be able to retire. In every single case these people used way too many bug bombs. They created a potentially dangerous situation. Not to mention it didn’t work. If it did, they wouldn’t have called. I know there is at least one of you yelling at your screen saying I am wrong. Read the rest of this post and if you have any questions, just let me know. Active Ingredients Let’s start with the active ingredients. This is the chemical that actually …

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Why Choose GreenPro for Effective Pest Control?

Shawn Payne General Pest Control Tips

For eco-effective pest management that poses the least amount of risk to you, your family and your pets, GreenPro Pest Control Service is the clear choice. The eco-effective Integrated Pest Management Service, or IPM, uses pest biology, environmental information and the best available technology to control pest levels without threatening the safety of people, property and our environment. Lakewood Exterminating proudly offers GreenPro Pest Control to clients in the Cleveland and Lakewood, OH areas. Lakewood Exterminating believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the level of pest control in your household just because you are concerned about the well-being of your family and the environment. Thanks to the highly advanced eco-effective tactics employed by GreenPro, you don’t have to. GreenPro …