Ant Pest Control Service

Done Bothering With Ants That Just Won’t Die?

Ant control is not as easy as it seems, right? Go buy some ant traps and spray. Goodbye ants right? After a few days you grab the window cleaner from under the sink. After a week you go back to the store. You return from the store to powder your pantry. As messy as it is, you deal with it. Anything to get rid of these darned ants. Once the powder goes down-and fails, is usually when the call comes into our office.

Think Big

Ants and bees are closely related. Think of how many bees are in a bee hive. If you needed to destroy a bee hive would you waste your time spraying a handful of bees? The average yellowjacket hive has 2000 workers. A mature carpenter ant colony can have 10,000 workers. Put your spray can away and call (216-466-2486). If you dont get lucky with your ant traps, you will likely contaminate your home with useless pesticides.

Using Our Service

Be prepared that during the day of your scheduled service, you won’t see a single ant. Rest assured, the super colony underneath your driveway did not decide to leave.

You may very well not have a single ant to show us, upon our arrival. That is fine. The exterminator we send will know exactly what to do.

Nearly every customer that gives us a jingle for ants is concerned about the spray inside their homes. While many pest control companies

Dusting Wall Voids

Silica dust products are utilized for long term ant control. A dust treatment can last for years.
Dusting for ants may not be exactly what you are imagining. Most people dump dust as to create a barrier. This is not what we do. These are EPA reduced risk products. They are strictly applied into cracks and crevices. There will be no white residue left inside your living space.

Spraying For Ants

The use of insecticide spray indoors is limited. Often the only time it is used is when a nest can be treated directly or if there are persistent ant trails developing.
Non-repellent insecticide sprays are often utilized on the exterior perimeter. This allows foraging ants to enter and exit the structure without detecting the treatment. Since ants are social insects, the pesticide is quickly transferred throughout the colony. This often eliminates colonies without having to locate them.

Baiting For Ants

Bait trailing finds the nest for you. In our small city lots, it is common for the ant colony to be located in your neighbor’s yard. Baiting eliminates the need to find the nest. All of our bait is applied into cracks and crevices, into tamper resistant bait stations, or into areas inaccessible to pets and children occupants.
Perimeter ant baiting may be used in place of spraying at sensitive accounts.

Don’t Spray For Ants

Over the counter pesticide sprays are basically all repellents.
Applying repellent insecticides to ants can:
Agitate ants so much the spray will split ant colonies.
Or the ants will find a break in the spray and simply go around it.
Repellents make baiting basically useless. It is like spraying pepper spray on candy.
Spraying the exterior foundation with a repellent can trap ants indoors.
Spraying the baseboards and the exterior foundation can simply trap them inside your walls until the pesticide wears off.
If you choose to do one thing, do not spray for ants!

Ant Traps On Steroids

Bait trailing can be the most effective chemical control for ants.

When baiting with store bought ant traps, it might take some trial and error to find the right bait. Boric acid baits can be too slow acting. They will fail to control large ant colonies.
If an ant dies in the bait it will become rancid to other ants. The bait will become useless.
Certain baits will kill certain ants before it can bring the bait to the nest.
If an area is not clean, baiting is more difficult. Clean under your stove and refrigerator before baiting for ants.
Proper placement is essential. Ants for pheromone trails. Keep these intact until your ant exterminator arrives. A minute dab of bait placed on an active trail can be all the pesticide you need.

Long Term Control

Our ant pest control service takes approximately 1 hour to complete.
We add approximately 20 minutes to the general ant control protocol. This allows us to provide a thorough inspection and dust necessary areas.
6 out of every 100 ant jobs; we have to retreat a second time. For these instances we offer unlimited retreatments for 30 days.

Blame It On The Aphids

Ants herd aphids for their honeydew. This is just like people herd cows for milk.
If you have a perennial problem with ants in the summer, there may be more to it than you realize.
That is why it is important to call Lakewood Exterminating. Our pest control company is licensed by the state of Ohio to treat both indoor pests and pests on landscape plants.