Bed Bug Pest Control Service

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a professional exterminator service. It takes more than throwing out your mattress and putting down store-bought powder. Hire our company to find your bed bugs and eradicate them. Get fast results that last. Call (216) 466-2486 for prompt service.

Got Bed Bugs? Let’s Get Rid Of Them.
Here Is What Needs To Be Done:

We Do Not Recommend Doing The Following Things:

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    Throwing Your Bed On The Curb.

    People walk their dogs. Children walk to school. Why would you do that?

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    Hiding It From Your Landlord.

    It is important to be honest and report it immediately. Provide the request for treatment in writing.

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    Setting Off Bug Bombs/ Foggers.

    These are an awful way to control any pest.

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    Using Alcohol, Borax Or Anything Not Specifically Labeled For Bed Bug Control.

    You are putting the health and safety of those around you at risk by using a product against its intended use.

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    Applying Over-The-Counter Sprays.

    We feel that pyrethroids are becoming ineffective. Their repellent nature often complicates the issue.

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    Applying Diatomaceous Earth Or Other Dust In Exposed Areas Of The Home.

    This is potentially dangerous when inhaled. We have yet to see this product applied correctly by a homeowner.

Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Base price to treat one bedroom:
Approximate cost of a new bed set, + DIY bed bug control products:
Estimated cost to treat a 1200 square foot single family home:
Cost of new bed and whole house extermination service after failing to control them yourself:

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Think you have bed bugs?
Send us a picture and we will help identify it.

Infested rooms of children under 12 years of age receive a free upgrade to GreenPro Certified Service.

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Compare Our Service To Other Bed Bug Pest Control Services:

Our Bed Bug Treatments Include:

  • Minimal Preparation Guidelines. Simply wash clothing within 5 feet of the bed area, and launder bedding prior to each treatment. Clear any clutter too.
  • Get your money’s worth with our IPM program. We take the time to vacuum and steam visible bed bugs before applying any pesticide.
  • We properly rotate between classes of pesticides for each treatment.
  • Yourself and other occupants are educated on how to assist in the removal process, and how to prevent re-infestations.

Practices To Watch Out For:

  • Many companies will provide a complex list of preparation guidelines. This is often used to void your guarantee and walk away if they can’t solve your issue.
  • Not every pest control company utilizes integrated pest management. They often only utilize one control method (heat, flash freeze, or chemical).
  • Most companies do not properly rotate between classes of insecticides. Class 3a and Class 4a hybrid products are used for every chemical spray application.
Ohio State University is a great resource to learn about this blood-thirsty parasite!

Sleep Tight Don't Let The Bite!

Never Rely On Symptoms Of A Bite To Diagnose The Presence Of Bed Bugs?

People react different to bites than other people. Around 20% of people have little to no reaction at all! Do not automatically decide that you have bed bugs when you wake up with a bite. Spiders can get trapped in your clothes at night, It could simply be an allergic reaction. Carpet beetle larvae also can cause irritation that appears as a streak, or “row of bites”. Early introductions can be hard to find. We recommend locating physical evidence before applying any pesticides on your own or paying for treatment.

Different Life Stages Of Cimex lectularius

Bed Bug Eggs
Bed Bug Nymphs
Bed Bug Adult

Bed bugs have eggs, larvae (nymphs), and adults.

All stages are clearly visible to the naked eye.

They go through a process of development called gradual metamorphosis.


Eggs take approximately ten days to hatch under normal conditions. They are nearly clear at first. As the embryo develops a red eye will become visible. Hatched eggs will remain glued in place for some time. These egg cases will have the emergence hole popped up like a hatch.


Sexually immature juveniles are called nymphs. They molt (shed their exoskeletons) 5 times before becoming an adult. Each stage requires a blood meal before molting into the next stage of development (instar). Earlier instars can appear yellow in color.


Adults are approximately 5.5 mm in size. Males are more pointed at the base of their abdomen, while females are more rounded. A pregnant female or pair of sexes are required for develop an infestation. Otherwise it is called an introduction.

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