Cockroach Pest Control Service

Guaranteed Elimination Of Your Cockroach Infestation

Single Service Cockroach Control Comes with a 60 Day Warranty!
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Types Of Cockroaches In Cleveland, OH:

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    German Cockroach

    The most common roach found in Cleveland, Ohio homes. This tropical pest doesn’t survive our winters. Likes heat and humidity. I stays close to appliance motors and plumbing.

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    American Cockroach

    Primarily enter basements through the sewer system. They love the heat of steam pipes underground in Cleveland. Much larger than German roaches; Clevelanders often call them palmetto bugs or water bugs.

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    Oriental Cockroach

    Found in areas of high moisture. Indoor populations are often tied to the conditions on the exterior (e.g. leaf litter). A large black colored roach.

Why Our Service Can’t Be Beat!

We use low toxicity products in a manner that reduces exposure to you and your family. The use of these products is combined with multiple non-chemical controls to produce a highly effective service.

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    Mechanical Removal: We take the pests with us.

    Our treatment begins with using an IPM bug vac to remove all roaches within our grasp.

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    Crack And Crevice Treatment: Because that is where they hide.

    Our equipment precisely injects positively charged dust deep into the areas where roaches retreat.

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    Bait Application

    Our strategically applied bait can wipe out 80% of the population alone.

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    Liquid Residual Spray

    Low Toxicity Insect Growth Regulators are applied along the cabinet bases and other areas that they travel.

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    Monitoring Devices

    Glue traps are used to catch any leftover critters. Pockets of remaining infestations are located to allow a more targeted approach during any followup service.

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    Followup Service

    One followup treatment is included in the service plan. This confirms the success of the initial treatment. Spot treatment is performed as necessary.

See How We Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home:

What You Can Do To Increase The Effectiveness Of Our Treatments:

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    Preparation: Removal Of Food Debris

    You will want to remove clutter from the infested area. You will need to remove any food debris from underneath appliances, on the stove, in the sink, on the floor, and from any other such area in the effected zone.

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    Preparation: Clearing Clutter

    Dispose of any unnecessary clutter from the treatment area. Clear cabinets if cockroaches are located within them. Put away exposed food and utensils or anything else used for food preparation.

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    Ongoing: Do Not Use Store Bought Bug Spray Or Bug Bombs

    Store bought bug spray can contaminate any bait placed in the area for around 30 days. This will greatly decrease your chances for quick and easy cockroach elimination.

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    Ongoing: Nightly Water Check

    Roaches can live a long time without food. They will not survive long without water though. Every night it is important to make sure all infested areas are free from available water. This means moving the pet’s water dish, leaving a clean and dry sink for example.