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Rodent Control Services Cleveland, OH

Our customers are always pleased to have come across an exterminating company that does more than place bait and put down traps. Whether you have mice, squirrels, or rats inside of your home, take an holistic approach. Not only will we provide you with our fast and efficient removal methods, our inspections pinpoint all potential entry points. We specialize in sealing homes and businesses for rodents. Solve your rodent infestation quick and easily through the use of our methods.


Squirrel Removal From Attics

Removing squirrels from high elevations of your home should be left to our certified Wildlife Control Operators. We will quickly ascend to place traps where only the problem squirrels will be caught. After all is quiet for a period of time repairs will be made to prevent further entry.

Squirrel Control Service

Rat Removal From Basement

The key to rat control is proper diagnosis and prompt response with appropriate measures. Setting out 4 snaps traps, while they stockpile dogfood, for a week is not the way to do it. Customers that call us immediately often get their rat the next day. Do not ignore broken sewer pipes as an issue.

Rat Control Service

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Mouse Exterminating

A surprising amount of people have high populations of mice within their homes, yet have never seen one inside. Other people get mice inside their kitchen, and they end up living inside the stove. We carry all of the tools to make mice a thing of the past.

Mouse Control Service

Chipmunk Trapping

Chipmunks have become a significant nuisance pest recently. You cannot poison chipmunks with store bought rodenticide. Our assortment of trap styles allow for an immediate population reduction. Not many people are fond of these small ground squirrels.

Chipmunk Control Service

Its Not Because You Have An Old House

In fact, we see many newer homes with much worse mouse infestations than we do with a lot of older homes. Mice will take advantage of poorly installed vinyl siding, like nobody’s business. It is much easier to fill a gap in an ancient foundation wall than it is to go over and fix construction flaws. Newer homes tend to have more of these flaws than older homes. They are much more difficult to recognize and repair than the glaring gaps of a century home. Most rodent entry issues in our older homes actually occur around additions. So having an old house is not much of an excuse. Just hire us as your trained eye and get it all fixed.

Rodents Do More Than Poop All Over.

  • Not many people realize that rodents pee. A decent infestation of mice can spread thousands of micro-droplets around your kitchen each and every night. The proteins in their urine flare up allergies, especially for children occupants. Mice may be the cause of asthma attacks for kids at school.
  • Mice love the security of drop ceilings. Mouse urine will permeate ceiling tiles. Over time a “mousy odor” will develop within the home.
  • Did you know that Salmonella can remain active in rat urine for around 2 months? The potential to contaminate food is significant where there are rodents present.
  • You can also contract Leptospirosis through mistaken contact with urine. Rodent-borne illness can easily go undiagnosed because the many of the symptoms are similar to that of a common flu.

Rodents Bringing In Fleas For Your Pets

Fleas and rodent control - Lakewood Exterminating

This is a flea that came from a home with chipmunks in the crawlspace.

You have to think that your dog or cat picked up fleas from somewhere. Flea season heats up with the summer weather. But what is up with that early season infestation? Why is it that your fleas came inside as the weather got cold? Don’t you think something brings them to you?

While any flea-ridden wildlife can be the source of your frustration, rodents are often there gnawing at the root of it. Squirrels are very susceptible to fleas. There is not much you can do about that, since they are so prolific. But you can take the time to make sure chipmunks, rats, mice and groundhogs are not nesting in and around the home.

That Can Of Spray Foam Won’t Cut It

While we have seen spray foam hold up for over one year against mice, rodents can generally chew right through it. While it is still good for filling voids, we only use foam as a backer for our professional rodent exclusion products and sealants.
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