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Chipmunk Control In Lakewood, OH

Do you feel overrun by chipmunks? If you don’t want to care for a cat, call Lakewood Exterminating. Chipmunk trapping service available in Lakewood, Westpark, and Rocky River, Ohio. Let us set humane traps to remove these troublesome ground squirrels from your property. Stop chipmunks from digging in your yard today.

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Chipmunk Trapping Options

  • Live Trapping
  • Lethal Trapping

    Live Chipmunk Trapping

    Like the idea of trapping chipmunks in your yard?
    Don’t like the idea of having dead rodents in your yard?

    Humanely trap live ground squirrels- Live trapping allows them to be quickly euthanized on site. Chipmunks trapped with live traps will be quickly dispatched in a CO2 chamber. This is the most humane method to remove this nuisance pest from your yard.

    Catch and Release

    Ground squirrels can be trapped and released on site. “Catch and release” is performed in conjunction with exclusion. Once repairs are made, chipmunks can be released back on site. Catch and release service is most often applied when a chipmunk has accidentally entered a home’s living space. Unlike mice, chipmunks do not intentionally inhabit the inside portion of a structure.

    Chipmunks Inside Your Home

    If you have found a chipmunk inside:

    • Quarantine the rodent into one room.
    • Once the chipmunk is contained, open all available windows and doors.
    • Once outside access is provided, leave the area quiet and undisturbed for a while. Chipmunks want to be outside, give it time and it will leave. Chipmunks are most active in the morning and early evening. They are not active at night and often rest during the heat of the day. Sometimes, the chipmunk cannot find its way back outside. Baited traps may be set in the blocked off room. If you require this service, please call: +1 (216) 466-2486

      Chipmunk Live Trapping Tips

      If you choose to set your own live traps for chipmunks, here are a few tips:

      • Use the right sized trap. Too large of a trap will give this small ground squirrel too much room to move around, once caught. The chipmunk is likely to injure itself. There is high probability that a chipmunk will die in a large trap.
      • Secure the trap! If the trap is not properly secured, it is likely to startle the animal. This can cause trap avoidance.
      • Since it is not easy to anchor traps to interior flooring, pre bait the traps. Make the trap an available food source for 2-3 days. Do this by propping the doors open and baiting the trigger. Once the chipmunk trusts this new food source, the trap may be set as normal.
      • Use the right bait. Peanut butter is very effective, along with unroasted peanuts and sunflower seeds. Popcorn and fruit can also be used.
      • Wear gloves. Chipmunks can avoid traps if they contain any trace of human scent.

      Lethal Chipmunk Trapping

      Live chipmunk trapping and lethal chipmunk trapping provide similar levels of control. You may choose to use lethal traps if:

    • The target pest is not to be relocated or released back on site.
    • If the purchase of live traps is not cost effective.
    • If you will not like your lawn decorated with metal cages.
    • You are not over concerned about using the most humane methods to dispatch small rodents.

    Our chipmunk trapping service contains lethal chipmunk traps inside tamper resistant stations. Dogs and children are unable to access the traps. Making this a great option if there are off target animals on site. According to Ohio law, chipmunk traps are checked at least once per calendar day. Once chipmunk populations are reduced to an acceptable level, your chipmunk trapping service is concluded.

    Chipmunk Exclusion Service

    Trapping chipmunks is often only the first step in managing this destructive pest. If chipmunks have entered your home, you will want the entry point to be sealed once the chipmunk is removed from site. We provide for the repair of mortar joints; along with other necessary exterior wall void repairs.

    Chipmunk holes in your yard can be filled with concrete after trapping is complete. Larger holes may require installation of 1/4′ mesh wire fencing. After in ground fence installation, the proper backfill is applied.

    Identifying Chipmunk Burrows

    Chipmunks will construct two different kinds of burrows. Deep burrows down to 3 feet maximum depth. The purpose of these burrows is to act as their permanent shelter. Chipmunks overwinter and care for their young in these deep burrows. Other shallow burrows are less permanent. These burrows are formed in order to provide a retreat from predators and inclement weather conditions.

    Chipmunk burrows consist of a main entry hole and a smaller emergency exit hole. Chipmunks will place excavations in their mouths and relocate it away from the hole. Entry points are clean from excavated soil. This information can help distinguish chipmunk burrows from burrows of other small animals.

    Chipmunk Control Methods Not Recommended

    Baiting For Chipmunks

    Baiting for chipmunks with rodenticides is not recommended. To our knowledge there is no rodenticide currently labeled for use in controlling chipmunk populations.

    Chipmunk Bucket Traps

    There is a trapping method that has recently gained popularity. It is the bucket trap. A ramp leads up to the rim of a five gallon bucket. A rod is inserted through the middle of the bucket’s rim. A cylinder is inserted over the rod. A pop can is often used. This can is pasted over with peanut butter or other such bait. Chipmunks with elevate themselves up the ramp to the bait. The cylinder rotates on the rod as the chipmunk shifts its weight onto it. The chipmunk then falls into the bucket. The bucket is often filled with antifreeze. The fluid in the bucket traps and kills the chipmunks.
    Although multiple chipmunks can be caught quickly by using this method, it is not recommended. The trapped chipmunks often suffer a great deal in this type of trap. It is considered inhumane to use bucket traps to control chipmunks. The potential to harm off target organisms is also a reason why we do not recommend using bucket traps to kill chipmunks.

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