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Mouse Control Services Cleveland, OH:

Mouse Proofing

Our service is based on excluding mice from the structure. We know exactly where to look and exactly how to make the repair.

Mouse Removal

Rodent removal is customized to each job. We utilize advanced trapping techniques and comprehensive baiting strategies.

Sanitation and Remediation

Rodent excrement can ruin the health of occupants. We go full circle with our rodent removal service and restore the structure to its original state.

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All employees dealing with wildlife are Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operators.

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Additional Rodent Exterminating Services:

Mice love the fluffy hibernation pillows that we provide them in our attics. Mice will burrow into our insulation and overwinter inside of our homes. Their urine and feces contaminate the insulation making an attic remediation necessary.

Contaminated material will be sanitized. Dust will be controlled and all practical measures are taken to insure containment of hazardous material. Once the sanitation and removal process is complete, new insulation with be installed.

This service is usually necessary if rodent contamination is found in the attic when you go to sell your home. Otherwise, if belongings are stored in the attic, or if air is drawn into the living space through the attic, we recommend attic remediation service.

Mouse feces can carry allergens and disease organisms. Most food-born illness is caused by rodent excrement. Mice not only poop but they urinate. Thousands of micro-droplets can be dispersed throughout your kitchen in a short amount of time.

If there are occupants, especially children, with allergies; you might want to consider our rodent sanitation service. We see our customers through the entire process. That means we pick up after them too.

Install up to 5 exterior rodent bait stations around the perimeter of your home and garage. These bait stations are pet and child tamper resistant. We anchor them to the ground for additional safety. Once they are installed and filled with rodenticide bait, we will return an additional 3 times to maintain them. This is a good option when mouse-proofing the home is impractical.

Terms: Does not guarantee against future rodent entry into the home. Bait stations remain property of Lakewood Exterminating and will be removed 1 month following the final visit. Additional visits can be purchased for $40 per additional visit.

Rodents leave pheromones behind. More rodents will move in, even after you remove your current infestation. So if you don’t want a continuous rodent problem, you will need to mouse-proof your house.

All of our initial mouse removal services include a rodent inspection to identify potential entry points into the structure. We seal entry points for mice. Prices to make these repairs are provided after your inspection is complete, during the initial service.

Prices to mouse-proof a home varies greatly. You may just need new vent screens. These are relatively inexpensive. Although mice commonly sneak into houses at the foundation level, mice will even enter from the roof! It is very common that they chew through roof and gable vent screens.

  • Vent screen replacement starts at $80.
  • Basic foundation level mouse exclusion starts at $150.
  • Depending on labor and materials, wildlife exclusion can cost multiple thousands of dollars.

Prices vary greatly. Please have your rodent inspection performed before attempting to nail down pest-proofing prices.

Mouse-Proofing Guarantee

Repairs are guaranteed to remain sealed against wildlife entry for 2 years. If repairs are compromised, removal service is provided at no additional fee.

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