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Are you looking for an exterminating company that does more than place bait and put down traps? In the event that a critter is inside of your home, take an holistic approach to rodent control. Not only will we provide you with our fast and efficient removal methods, our inspections pinpoint all potential entry points. We specialize in sealing homes and businesses for rodents. Solve your rodent infestation quick and easily through the use of our rodent removal service.

Controlling the Different Types of Rodents

Specialty Service: Exterior Rodent Control With Bait Stations

Use exterior rodent bait stations to control mice and rats. By doing so, you are less likely to have them inside your home. Is there a bird feeder around that is conducive to high rodent populations? Perhaps its just not practical to rodent-proof. Doesn't it make sense to control them outside before they get in? As a result, you minimize the need to set traps inside. You reduce the risk for contamination too.
These tamper-resistant bait stations securely hold rodenticide on metal rods. The concrete base keeps it in place. In order to open it, a special key is required. All of this insures that only small rodents can access the rodent control products.

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