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If you’re at the point where you’re looking for an exterminating company, you probably want one that will do more than place bait and put down traps. After all, you could do that yourself! While it’s certainly important to get rid of the rodents inside your home, the best rodent control attacks the critters that haven’t found their way in yet.

If you find a rodent in your home and decide it’s time to reach out for help, consider our holistic approach. Not only do we provide fast and efficient rodent removal, we also pinpoint all potential entry points. First, we get rid of any rodents living in your home; next, we seal up every single crack and crevice. In fact, we’re well-known for our method of sealing nooks and crannies — it’s our specialty! Once we leave, you can be certain you’ll never see another rodent again.

Controlling the Different Types of Rodents

Specialty Service: Exterior Rodent Control With Bait Stations

While it’s best to rodent-proof all areas of your home inside and out, sometimes that’s not always possible. For example, many homeowners enjoy keeping bird feeders in their gardens -- these can be an easy and attractive food source for rodents. Unless you want to get rid of your bird feeders all together, it can be hard to deal with the rodents they attract.

Sometimes, the best option is to control the rodents outside before they ever have a chance to get inside. We’ve developed rodent bait stations specifically designed to control mice and rats outside your home. Our tamper-resistant bait stations hold rodentcide on metal rods, and are held in place by a concrete base. They require a special key to open, ensuring that only small critters like rodents can access the bait. No need to worry about children, pets, or wildlife getting inside!

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