Enjoy the convenience of an ongoing maintenance plan.

Whether you are being proactive or reactive to managing pests at your home, having a plan to keep them at bay is key. Our quarterly pest control service defends against general household pests. Add exterior rodent bait stations to keep mice and rats at bay.

After your initial service you will be provided a cost for ongoing pest maintenance. Choose from general household pests, rodents, or both. Our no hassle sales lets you pick the level of service you want. No current pest problem? Just let us know and we can get you rolling.

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How You Can Benefit From Seasonal Pest Control

What you are paying for is a warranty against pest activity inside the structure of your home. We make that happen with 4 scheduled services from March through November. With that being said, the goal is to treat outside so pests do not find their way inside. If too much of one thing wanders in, just let us know. Our local team will respond quickly to remediate the problem. Followups are free when covered pests are found inside.

Since we manage the pests from the exterior, we won’t have to come inside your home unless you request it. Scheduling is done simply, through the email. And our easy payment options make it even more convenient.

Covered Pests

The Seasonal Program protects you against:

While not all pests can be prevented through the Seasonal Program, you will receive 20% off treatments for other pests not listed here. Fleas, flies, rodents, ticks, termites, bed bugs, and other pests are considered a separate service. These pests require a different form of treatment. Simply let us know your concerns so we can make sure you are properly protected.