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Prevent Pest Infestations Before They Occur

Control common household pests outdoors, before they get inside. By purchasing our Seasonal Pest Control Program, you will enjoy year-round peace of mind. You will receive spring, summer and fall services. By doing so, a continuous barrier will knock out any perimeter pest trying to get inside. Enjoy free followup services if any of these pests get inside.

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How You Can Benefit From Seasonal Pest Control

Ongoing pest control service for residential homes provides continuous protection. On the same note, there is something to be said about being proactive instead of reactive. Once a pest population develops indoors, you need to take care of them. This involves baiting, dusting, or spot spraying, in most cases. Why let it get that far? Pesticides break down outside much quicker outside than they do indoors. Keep the bugs out, along with the pesticides.

Another key point is that you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to have us service your property. You do not even have to be home. Your 3 scheduled services detail the home’s exterior. There is a certain level of convenience involved with the annual plan. You will be notified prior to service via email. Service reports will also be sent electronically to let you know how your treatment went.

The main benefit that we notice is the dramatic drop in spider webs on the exterior of homes. The difference between an untreated and treated home is dramatic. With each service a web removal tool will knock down active spider webs outside. The telescopic poles reach 30 feet high. Between that and your treatment, your home is wiped clean from spiders.

Enjoy free re-treatments throughout the year. If any covered pest gets inside contact us for free service. On top of that, you will receive a 20% discount on non-covered services. That can really add up if you ever get rodents or an unfortunate bed bug infestation.

Covered Pests

You are covered against:

As previously mentioned, you receive 20% off treatments for other pests. This is since not all pests can be prevented through this service. Fleas, flies, rodents, ticks, termites, bed bugs, and other pests are considered a separate service. These pests require a different form of treatment. Just let us know your concerns so we make sure you are properly protected.