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Nature’s Burglar

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Raccoon Removal Services Cleveland, OH:

Trapping and Removal

Whether a raccoon is in your chimney or your attic, remove them quickly with our professional cage trapping service. Specially designed traps are strategically placed to catch only the desired animal. Traps are always placed outside of the home.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Not only do we trap wildlife, we make the repairs necessary to prevent them from returning. Entry points are sealed by attaching sheet metal over the entry hole. Repairs are painted to match the surrounding structure.

Attic Remediation

Raccoons can cause significant property damage. Not only that, their feces is also a common carrier of roundworm parasites. Properly remove the contamination left behind by this destructive pest to keep your home safe.

Trained And Certified Wildlife Control Operators

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Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator

All employees dealing with wildlife are Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operators.

Raccoon Removal Details

  • Specially Designed cage traps are attached over the entry point (positive set), or set on the roof, when possible.
  • Traps set on the ground are set with sweet lures that will not attract your neighbor’s cat or breed flies.
  • Covers are placed over cage traps to keep wildlife calm and protected from stressful environmental conditions and weather.
  • Professional traps are used that do not allow them to damage the adjacent area with their claws.

Call To Receive A Free Price Quote: +1 (216) 466-2486

Our specialized roof traps for raccoons easily catch problem varmints nesting in chimneys and attics.

This is the repair that was made following overnight capture of the raccoon.

How To Tell That You Have Raccoons, and Not .

Many people hear noises in their walls or ceiling. Raccoons are most often heard after dusk, and before dawn, as they come and go during the night. What distinguishes the noise that you hear from a raccoon? Well it is often difficult to diagnose a wildlife issue based on noise alone. A mouse can sound like a commanding beast on the other side of your drywall. The sound you hear from mice is often them gnawing on wall studs at night. This noise will stop when you tap on the respecting location. Once you step away for a moment, the noise will start up again. Squirrels can sound similar to raccoons. If you have squirrels inside, you primarily hear them in the morning as they become active. Birds are generally not active at night.
If you suspect that you have a raccoon, you should inspect the exterior of the home. Look for tree branches overhanging the roof. Then inspect downspouts for tracks. Raccoons will leave greasy rub marks around the entry point. You will also see dirty paw prints, especially on light colored siding.
Squirrels and other animals that nest inside homes are sure to have and entry hole less than 4 inches wide. This is how large a hole needs to be for a raccoon to enter. Raccoons prey on birds and squirrels. For security, squirrels will not nest in a cavity with an access hole much larger than the size of a baseball.
Raccoons will tear off sections of soffit, roof vents, shingles and fascia board to gain entry to a structure. These entry points can not always be seen from ground level. Chimneys are also a good spot for nuisance wildlife to find refuge in.

Wildlife Decontamination Services

The reason you want to hire a professional to clean up after raccoons are removed from your home is because of the parasites found in their fecal matter. Raccoons are likely to defecate in one area of your home. We call this a latrine. Inside infested attics, urine is often soaked into insulation. Insulation requiring it to be replaced. Raccoon roundworm is so prevalent that most poop is contaminated with the eggs of this parasite. This is a particularly dangerous health hazard. This parasite does not always remain inside the intestinal tract. The worms that venture out into the body usually find their way to the head where it can cause serious harm. Contamination resulting from raccoon infestations must be dealt with properly. Normal disinfectant sprays have little to no effect on raccoon roundworm. Learn more about raccoon attic restoration.