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Ron Sommer
Ron Sommer
23:04 04 May 17
I called based on the many positive reviews. Shawn was very professional and efficient. He came out the next day and took care of our ant problem quickly and immediately. Price was far below what I more
Stacy Gardner
Stacy Gardner
15:24 04 Mar 17
I cannot rate Shawn and Lakewood Exterminating high enough! I live in Washington DC and have tenants living in my house in Cleveland. I've used Lakewood Exterminating several times now for various pests. When my tenant needed a mouse situation resolved quickly, Shawn came that very night to put out traps and do an assessment to identify additional steps I could take to prevent mice from getting into the house. He is incredibly professional and honest, and he always makes me feel like my business is a priority. Lakewood Exterminating also sends me quotes and bills electronically so that I can easily submit payment. It's great to be able to trust his services when living remote. Highly recommend them!!!!!read more
sandy kern
sandy kern
17:23 24 Apr 17
I've gone with Shawn multiple times and he has been nothing but helpful and consistent. I would recommend him to anyone with pest problems big or small. I have found myself in both situations and he had solutions for eachread more
Kimberly Monaco
Kimberly Monaco
01:17 18 Aug 16
I can't say enough good things about Shawn from Lakewood Exterminating! His response time is AMAZING. His knowledge and work ethic are incredible. I strongly recommend him. He's quick, efficient and gets the job done 🙂 You won't be more
Kathryn Marcuse
Kathryn Marcuse
13:01 18 Oct 16
Shawn is reliable and a hard worker. He is easy to work with and reasonably priced. He gets to the root of the problem and rids your home of pests. He has a variety of solutions to your pest problems. I would highly recommend Shawn to friends and more
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Shawn Payne, Owner
By solving complex pest problems promptly and efficiently, our customers regain the sense of security inside of their homes.

Angist :ist 2016 Super Service Award for pest control services - Lakewood Exterminating

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Treating Your Home As We Would Our Own

Thorough Inspections, Detailed Treatments
Less Pesticides, Less Scheduled Service

Thorough Inspections

The key to being a successful exterminator is locating the source, and treating it directly. Hire someone that will take the time to solve your puzzle.

Detailed Treatments

In order to instantly wipe away what has been a nagging problem for the customer, precise applications of multiple control methods are implemented during your service.

Less Pesticides

By locating the source, your problem is removed with a minimal amount of pesticides. Low toxicity products are applied in ways that your family will not come in contact with them.

Less Scheduled Service

Can you imagine how many people tell us that we are great, yet never want to see us again? We take pride in the role that we play for our community.

Natural Pest Control

Organic and GreenPro Certified services upon request. Mineral and plant based products, along with contained baits, provide natural pest solutions for you and your family.

Monthly Seasonal Service

Initial Dusting And Exclusion Service Required

Annual Pest Control Plans

The benefit of our ongoing service is that your home or business is warrantied against perimeter pests through the calendar year.
Conventional control methods reduce your scheduled service to tri-annual treatments. If you experience pests indoors at anytime, you are covered.

Starting At $350

Plus Tax, Conditions Apply

Are Your Products Safe Around Children And Pets?

If you call around to pest control companies in Cleveland, OH many of them will tell you that their service is safe. One local company will tell you that they use plant-based pesticides. The most commonly used pesticides are synthetic compounds derived from the painted daisy (pyrethroids), and tobacco (neonicotinoids). These two classes of pesticides are nerve toxins. Even though they can be considered “botanical”, this should not infer that they are safe. Our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and our NPMA Quality Pro Certification, does not allow us to advertise that any pesticide is “safe”. We apply every pesticide according to Label directions.

Many of the products that we use inside of homes are mineral based dusts that are applied into the cracks and crevices in which pests hide. This minimizes the possibility that anyone will come into contact with our control products. The dusts that we use contain amorphous silica gel, borates, or diatomaceous earth combined with an EPA Reduced Risk neonicotinoid. Crack and crevice dust applications have an extremely long lasting effect against bugs. Once applied it may remain active for multiple years. By using these low toxicity dusts, we are able to reduce the need to spray pesticides in exposed areas.

When controlling ants and cockroaches, baits are contained in bait stations or are placed in inaccessible crevices. Baits are great because a very small amount of pesticide can be applied to wipe out an entire infestation. Baiting can eliminate the use of sprays, keeping pesticide use to a minimum.

If liquid treatments are necessary inside the living space we will use low toxicity products:

  • Micro-encapsulated products do not give off fumes. In cases of accidental exposure the possibility that it would be absorbed into a person’s skin is reduced. We use micro-encapsulated products for spiders, centipedes, and carpet beetles.
  • We use three different products for bed bugs. The silica gel dust is a Tier 3 toxicity product that pulls the oils out of insects’ exoskeletons. Two sprays are used. One is cedar wood oil. The other is a suspended solid. This product is unique due to the fact that it does not have a signal word (caution, danger, warning) on the Label. Due to its unique formulation, it cannot be absorbed into our skin.
  • For indoor ants and cockroaches most infestations can be controlled with mineral based dusts and bait. If a spray is required then we will use EPA Reduced Risk adulticides. We also apply Insect Growth Regulators. They target only the hormones of insects. Since mammals do not have these hormones, IGR’s pose minimal health risk and are considered “green”.
  • Another pesticide that we utilize in and around the home contains the active ingredient Indoxicarb. Mammals are not effected. It requires bio-activation by an insect’s digestive enzymes to break it down into a toxic compound.

For households with pregnant women or infants, pyrethroids are not applied indoors.