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Popular Services: Fall 2017

Stinging Insect Control Service Cleveland, OH

From August until Frost stinging insects are found in and around structures. Large baldfaced hornets nests are found in trees. Yellowjacket nests mature under siding. Store bought wasp and hornet spray does not always work. Let us resolve your issue with the proper equipment.

Mouse control service Cleveland, OH.

Mice populations were high over the summer of 2017. If they have found a way into your house, give us a call. Unlike many local exterminators, we are trained in wildlife control . This enables us to pinpoint every potential entry point, and seal mice out of your home for good.

Spider control service Cleveland, OH.

Spiders plague the Lakeshore communities of Lakewood, Bay Village, Rocky River and Avon Lake. Choose a one-time knockdown treatment or get on our annual plan. Keep your home free from spiders as they mature this fall.

Flea control Cleveland, OH.

Fleas are often a result of infested wildlife in and around the home. The source of your fleas can be squirrels in the yard, raccoons in the chimney, or rodents in the basement. Not only do we provide flea treatments, our comprehensive service gets to the root of the problem.

Bed bug extermination Cleveland, OH.

If you are waking up with bites, then inspect for bed bugs. Our technicians know where to look to find them. Our highly effective control plan eliminates these parasites quickly and keeps them from returning. Protect your home or rental property through the use of our service.

Bed Bugs
Bed bug extermination Cleveland, OH.

Cockroaches establish themselves during the heat of summer. Just like yellowjackets and fleas, their presence lingers into the colder months. Our 4 step process of vaccuuming, dusting, baiting, and spraying quickly eliminates even the toughest infestations.


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Protect your home or business from invading insects and spiders. Our integrated pest management approach minimizes pesticide applications while providing long term solutions.
Check out everything we offer: Commercial pest control, home pest control, one-time services, seasonal pest prevention.

Pest Extermination

Rodent Removal

It takes a lot to control nuisance rodents inside of a structure. In many cases their presence has been well established before our arrival. Strong pheromone trails, and multiple entry points, continue to invite rodents into infested areas.
Get the control that you need, by rodent-proofing, baiting and trapping.

Rodent Control

Wildlife Control

During the colder months wild animals seek shelter. Raccoons, squirrels, birds and bats commonly inhabit buildings. The presence of urban wildlife can cause significant damage.
Remove these highly adaptable creatures, clean up their contamination and repair the damage made so it doesn’t happen again.

Wildlife Removal

Pest Identification

Having problems identifying an insect or evidence of a critter? Send us an email with pictures. We will promptly respond with advise.

Pest Library

There is bad information out there about how to apply pesticides and how to get rid of pests naturally. Check out our pest library. “Know thy enemy”.

Pest Library

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