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Pest Control Service

Our customers are parents of young children. Many have pet’s that are very dear to their hearts. Our customers have shaped our business. Hire an exterminator that will exceed your expectations.

Mice, Rats, & Rodents

These highly adaptable pests attack vulnerable points on the outside of your home. Make the necessary repairs to secure your home long term. Stop wasting your money on traps and bait.

Promptly Solving Complex Pest & Wildlife Control Issues In Cleveland, OH

Customer Testimonial

My experience was one of delight. Delight to have found a cordial, knowledgeable professional who welcomed all questions, did not have a ho-hum expression, and was at ease explaining what the best course of action would be. I felt comfortable with Shawn’s detective skills and seeing him in action was quite fascinating. Some magic wands sprayed here and there, traps, and closing up the gaps where critters were enjoying cozy living, and the copper mesh fills all added to my feeling that Lakewood Exterminating had solved the problem. And, I’m grateful to say they have!!!! Because of my initial reluctance to have indoor spraying, I did then find it necessary to have them come back to spray for spiders, and he was just so gracious, and willing to zap them indoors. I Prefer using local businesses and am so glad I found Lakewood Exterminating in my online search. I highly recommend them!

Nan S., Rocky River, OH Resident

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Shawn Payne

Thanks for visiting our site. It is my personal goal to provide my community with the answer to all of their questions concerning exterminating pests and removing wildlife from their property. Click around and learn about the services that we provide. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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of the homes we treat, no sprays are used inside.

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Natural Pest Control

Organic and GreenPro IPM Service

Monthly Plans Available

Initial Dusting And Exclusion Service Required

Seasonal Pest Prevention

Warranties Against Perimeter Pests Through The Calendar Year.
3 Scheduled Services

Starting At $350

Plus Tax, Conditions Apply


Frequently asked questions

Are Your Products Safe Around Children And Pets?

Many pest control companies in Cleveland, OH will answer yes to this question. Our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and our Quality Pro Certification, does not allow us to state that any pesticide is “safe”. We apply every pesticide according to Label directions.

Do I have to vacate the home during treatment?

All pets must be contained and children kept out of the treatment area until any liquid pesticide application has dried. In most cases the customer may remain at the premises during service. The premises must be vacated for bed bug, carpet beetle, and flea treatments.

Do you have to spray inside?

Our protocols minimize the use of sprays indoors. We utilize low toxicity dusts inside wall voids, and baits when possible indoors. Most of our customers have young children and pets. We have structured our services accordingly.


We Are Here When You Need Us!

Fast, affordable, local pest control company servicing Cleveland’s West Side.


Knowledgeable Staff

You will enjoy working with our friendly staff. All of our staff receives weekly training through our ongoing education program. It is our goal to provide every customer with a pleasant experience; no matter how bad the situation was originally.

Local Small Business

Many of our customers find us looking for a local business to support. We are very lucky to have to customers that we do. Their online reviews and personal referrals have attracted a consistent flow of wonderful people we have the opportunity to assist on a daily basis.

Green Pest Control

Most customers want their pests gone yesterday. Yet a lot of customers are concerned about pesticide usage in and around the home. We have structured our service protocols to eliminate the worst pest problems in one shot, while using low impact pest control products.

Holistic Pest Control

We diagnose the pest’s environment in order to provide customers with long term solutions. We are unlike many exterminators in Cleveland who take the spray and pray approach. Our exterminators are capable of sealing entry points, and alter the pest’s habitat to achieve control.