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Child and Pet Safety

Wondering if our services are safe? That’s a tricky question. At this time, the BBB does not allow any exterminating company to conclusively state that their pest-control products are safe. This is due to the fact that any pesticide can be toxic if it gets in the wrong hands. In fact, people and pets can even have allergic reactions to all-natural products. With this in mind, the BBB regulates that we cannot advertise our products as “safe.”

However, because many pest control companies are only in it for themselves, they’ll tell you what you want to hear. They might claim that their pest control is truly safe in the hope that you’ll trust them. However, you should know that they can’t stand behind that claim entirely.

In truth, all of our products are most likely safe and non-toxic for most homeowners and pets. Even so, we always ask that you take certain precautions before we arrive. Similarly, we also request that you keep children and pets out of the treatment area for at least a few hours. While it may feel slightly inconvenient, our goal is to provide quality service with as little risk as possible.

Here are a few examples of how we minimize exposure and limit toxicity:

  • We use low-toxicity mineral dusts. Special tools inject the dust into into cracks and crevices. As a result, the dust is kept out of reach from your family.
  • In addition, we use ant and roach bait. Very little bait is needed to be effective. Since we use such small quantities, the amount of actual pesticide is minuscule. Similar to our mineral dusts, we apply ant and roach bait in cracks and crevices. Alternatively, the bait can be secured inside protected stations.
  • While we offer natural pest control, we’ve found that most customers aren’t interested in the ongoing service needed to make the natural products effective. Instead, we focus on specially-formulated products that require less maintenance, but are still safe. For example, many of our products, don’t get absorbed by the skin as easily. They also last an exceptionally long time. As a result, you don’t have to keep spraying!

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