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Bed Bug Extermination Process

  1. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, contact us by phone or email straightaway. We’ll conduct an initial consultation. First, we’ll figure out if our services are a good fit. If we can provide the services you need, we’ll schedule an initial bed bug inspection.
  2. During the initial pest inspection, our highly trained bed bug exterminators search for infestations. There is a nominal fee for this service. In the event that we find bed bugs, we’ll provide a cost estimate and preparation guidelines. Afterwards, we’ll schedule the initial service.
  3. Shortly after the inspection, we’ll come in for the initial service. Generally, you should plan to vacate the premises during the entire treatment, and for approximately 4 hours following. Don’t worry — your home will be in excellent hands. Being that our treatment plan is extremely comprehensive, the initial service is often the only time pesticides will need to be applied.
  4. Lastly, we will return to inspect the property for our follow-up service between 10 – 14 days after the initial service. If we find new bed bugs, then we re-treat. Biweekly follow-ups and treatments are included in the 60-Day Service Agreement until no live bed bugs are found. If you find live bed bugs during the 60-Day Service Agreement, all you have to do is contact us. We will promptly respond to repeat treatment.

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Free Follow-Up Visits

Service Every Two Weeks Until No Live Bugs Are Found

Rental Properties With Bed Bugs

We follow the City Of Lakewood Bed Bug Ordinance.

Renter’s Responsibilities

Before hiring your own bed bug exterminator in Cleveland, you must notify the owner promptly. This is for three reasons:

  • In many cases, your Landlord contracts with a Cleveland pest control company of their own.
  • If live bed bugs are found, we require that any adjacent units undergo a pest inspection too. This includes dwelling units across the hall, directly above, below, and on each side of your unit.
  • Even if you live in a single family home, we require permission to treat from the Landlord.

Additionally, the tenant must grant the owner, owner’s agent, or contractors reasonable access to the property.

Landlord’s Responsibilities

See Section 1306.34 of the City of Lakewood’s Property Maintenance Code.

  • Preventing and exterminating infestations of bed bugs.
  • Notifying contiguous units of a bed bug infestation in writing within 72 hours.
  • Using a licensed pesticide applicator if structure has 4 or more units.

Beyond that, we do not get involved in who’s responsibility it is to pay for the service. For rentals in Lakewood with tenant/ landlord disputes, Call our friends at Lakewood Alive: (216) 521-0655.

How Much Do Our Bed Bug Exterminators In Cleveland Cost?

The first step in controlling bed bugs is a detailed pest inspection. If you have not already found a bed bug inside your home, schedule a visit with one of our bed bug exterminators.

Bed Bug Inspection

$7500plus tax
  • Find Out If There Are Visible Signs Of Bed Bugs
  • Locate Areas Of Activity In All Of Your Rooms

Bed Bug Treatments

$55000plus tax
  • Initial Service & Inspections Every Two Weeks Until They Are Gone
  • Impeccable 60 Day Warranty

1 Bedroom Treatments start at 550$ plus tax.

2 Bedroom Treatments start at 800$ plus tax.

3+ Bedrooms need to be quoted during the inspection.

*Price valid for single family homes within 15 miles of our office location.

What You Get With The Best Bed Bug Control In Cleveland

We’ve created a detailed treatment plan that integrates multiple control methods. Given that we attack infestations from all angles, it’s very unlikely that any bugs will survive treatment. Generally, our protocol includes the following:

  • Dust Application We treat cracks and crevices with a product containing 100% Amorphous Silica Gel. This naturally-derived ingredient destroys the bugs’ waxy cuticles. It’s a drying agent that basically sucks the oil out of them. We inject the gel into wall voids, door frames, molding, and other crevices. In effect, we take away their hiding spots. In addition, the dust injections prevent the bugs from traveling through the walls. Since this dust can remain active for very long periods of time, it’s unlikely that reapplication will be necessary.
  • Liquid Residual Spray Treatment Our spray treatment is truly unique. Firstly, it falls into the lowest toxicity category among pest control products. Secondly, the spray is a suspended solid that’s far more long-lasting than similar products in its category. Lastly, while bed bugs pick up the spray easily, humans cannot absorb it through their skin. As a result, it can be sprayed directly on mattresses. Since we started using this spray, the need to re-treat homes has nearly been eliminated.
  • ActiveGuard Liners Although ActiveGuard isn’t widely-known in the bed bug world, their products are highly effective. ActiveGuard Liners are basically like fitted sheets, except they’re applied to the underside of your box-springs. The fabric is infused with Permethrin. When a bed bug contacts the liner, it messes up their ability to feed. If they can’t feed, they can neither grow into adults, nor lay eggs. These liners can prevent bug bugs from becoming established for as much as 2 years! ActiveGuard liners are similarly effective at controlling dust mites.

Add-On Services

  • Vacuuming Did you know that some insects can become resistant to pesticides? No insect is resistant to a vacuum, though! We mechanically remove heavy infestations before any pesticides are applied. Our vacuums have self-contained HEPA filter canisters. This service alone can drop extreme situations down to a manageable level.
  • Steam Heat The penetrating heat of steam reaches bed bugs hidden deep within upholstered furniture. This is a great service for sensitive environments that need to be treated. As an add-on to our normal service, this is mostly used in conjunction with vacuuming.
  • Mattress Encasements For customers who want an additional level of protection, consider using high-quality mattress encasements. We carry covers for both mattresses and box-springs. You can also purchase your own. After we treat your mattress set, zip them up. This eliminates prime bed bug real estate. It makes your bed feel fresh and clean again. Not to mention the fact that it makes your mattress so much easier to inspect!

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