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Cleveland, OH Bed Bug Exterminator

Lakewood Exterminating knows how to kill bed bugs. Our bed bug exterminators provide proven treatments. Quickly control these pests and rest easy.

Getting rid of your bed bugs is not as easy as tossing your bed to the curb. Perhaps you have already found that out! You cannot imagine what people go through to eradicate this mind-boggling parasite from their home. The best recommendation is to immediately call an exterminator right after they are found. There is a lot of bad information out there about controlling these blood-suckers. And keep in mind that just because a product says “bed bug killer”- that doesn’t mean it will solve your problem.

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Its pretty shocking to find these insects lurking in your house. Out of sheer panic, you may lose your sense of reason. Before you do anything drastic though, consider the following:

Approximate Cost To Buy a Decent Queen-Sized Mattress and Boxsprings Set= 1000$
Stores sell bed bug kits for around 60$. Expect to spend more after that fails.= 100$+++
Cost of losing your sanity trying to get rid of bed bugs= Priceless
Our base price for a 60-day Service Agreement; covering 1 bedroom and the living space.= 550$

Schedule An Initial Pest Inspection

Bed Bug Treatment Process

  1. Contact us by phone or email for an initial consultation. By providing us with basic information, we can figure out whether our services are a fit for your situation. If we are a match, then we schedule an initial bed bug inspection.
  2. During the initial pest inspection we search for infestations. There is a nominal fee to cover our time for this service. If pests are found, you are provided with a cost estimate and preparation guidelines. Initial service is scheduled when both parties come to an agreement.
  3. Initial Service: Once you are able to properly prepare for service, we come in to treat. Plan to vacate the premises during, and for approximately 4 hours following service. At this time we work our magic. In most cases this is the only treatment required.
  4. Follow-up Service: 10-14 days following  the initial treatment, we will return to inspect the property. If bed bugs are found then we re-treat. Biweekly services are included in the 60 day Service Agreement until no live bed bugs are found.
  5. If you find live bed bugs during the 60 day Service Agreement, all you have to do is contact us. We will promptly respond and take the appropriate control measures.

Biological Bed Bug Control With Apprehend

Lakewood Exterminating is proud to offer a new bed bug exterminating service for 2018. This treatment utilizes the biological control product Apprehend. The formulation contains Beauveria bassiana fungal spores. We apply it, with a special application tool, in locations that bed bugs walk across. These narrow bands of spray, go a long way. Spray residue can remain active for up to 90 days. One application is all that is needed to control an infestation. Hotels and other high risk environments can benefit from a quarterly prevention program. 

Within a day, the fungal spores germinate, and are waiting for a bed bug to cross its path. Once the bugs become infected, they are killed within 4-10 days. Generally speaking, bed bugs cluster together in groups. Imagine when a member of your family gets a cold. Usually everyone else in the home catches the cold too. The same thing happens to bed bugs exposed to the fungus. It gets spread to others, even if they do not walk across the treated area.