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Bed Bug Control Service

Getting rid of your bed bugs is not as easy as tossing your bed to the curb. Even the store-bought products can be rather disappointing. The truth is that controlling bed bugs is a very detailed process. Its not as simple as setting off a bug bombs, or using a do-it yourself bed bug kit. In other words, bed bug control is best left to a professional bed bug exterminator.

First of all, bed bugs tuck themselves into crevices during the day. Most of them are well out of reach from whatever you throw their way. You can spend a fortune on DIY products, not to mention the cost of new furniture. The time you spend searching for answers can really become taxing too. There is an both emotional and financial cost involved with bed bug control. Factor in both, before deciding what to do.

There are plenty of effective ways to nip newly-discovered infestations in the bud- without hiring an exterminator. At the same time, there is so much bad information out there about bed bug control. As a result, finding out how to properly control these suckers can be nearly impossible. Once you have the hint of a bed bug presence, the best option is to immediately call a professional bed bug exterminator. Due to the expense, a large majority of the public does not make the hire. Take into consideration the cost of a new bed, and all that money that you may spend on D.I.Y. products. Think about how much your time worth too. We not only kill bed bugs quickly and effectively. Most importantly, we sell peace of mind.

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Bed Bug Control Tips And Tricks

  • Do not throw anything out unless it is clutter. There is a near 100% chance that there is a bed bug sitting pretty under the carpet or in some random spot. Throwing belongings out, like furniture, makes absolutely no sense.
  • If you rent in a multi-unit property, tell your landlord first and foremost. The City of Lakewood requires adjacent units to be inspected.
  • Before purchasing DIY pesticides, go a different route. Launder your bedding. Then purchase and install high-quality encasements. Do this for both the mattress and the box-springs. Afterwards, get out your vacuum with a pantyhose liner. Use the attachment hose. Run a pantyhose liner down the hose. Stick a crack and crevice attachment on it. By doing so it will hold the pantyhose in place. Thoroughly vacuum every nook and cranny within 5 feet of the bed, or couch (wherever you found them). As a result, the pantyhose catches any bed bug you suck up. Simply pull out the pantyhose after you finish. Promptly put it in an airtight container. Finally place the container outside in the trash.
  • Ziploc sells totes. Instead of introducing these diabolic creatures into your home, keep shoes and bags inside of these totes.
  • Avoid using diatomaceous earth inside. It is extremely difficult for the consumer to apply this product correctly. On top of that, it is not all that effective. The silica dust can go airborne and can cause respiratory issues too. Use DE cautiously if used at all.
  • If you think you have been exposed to bed bugs during travel, try rag in a bag. This method of control utilizes vapors from neem oil to kill bed bugs hidden inside belongings.
  • And keep in mind that¬†bed bug prevention should be your first line of defense.