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Treating Your Home As If It Was Our Own

More Than A Man With A Spray Can

Our locally-focused pest control services has our trucks buzzing around town. There is more to exterminating than knowing what to spray on what bug. It has more to do with knowing the homes that we treat. Over time, we developed an in depth knowledge with our local architecture. Resulting in the ability to properly diagnose complex pest problems in our community.

What Makes Us Different:

  • Small locally-owned business. Proceeds from your service pays for things like ballet classes and girlscout cookies.
  • Educated staff. Our Owner is college educated. He makes sure all of his staff is highly trained in the services they provide.
  • Responsive to your needs. Our customers trust our advice and professional opinion. We respond to communications and scheduling needs as soon as possible.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Therefore, we won’t sell you something you do not need. Additionally, time is taken to consult with customers dealing with exterminating issues. Read our testimonials. That way you can get a feel for our approach.
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Thorough Inspections and Detailed Service

Minimize Pesticide Use With Less Scheduled Services

Every customer is treated as our neighbor. Every home is treated as if it were our own. For this reason, our company practices holistic home pest control.

Concerned about pesticide usage in and around the home? Then ask about Green Pro certified service. These services are based on IPM.

Prompt Relief

Let's aim to get rid of your nagging issue within an hour- during the initial visit.

Do You Want Your Problem Gone Yesterday?

Get our 100% effort to quickly erase the vermin that inhabits your life. Fast efficient protocols have been developed to prevent recurring issues.

Low Risk Options

It is a good thing that pests live within our shadows. As a result, places that children and pets cannot access are targeted with our products.

Reducing Risk

Find a low-risk resolution, no matter how difficult your situation is. Pest-proofing is one small example. This is done especially for mice.

No Hassle Sales

You hire us to help. So we do just that.

Get only what you need.

Not everyone has the time or budget to follow through with every control recommendation that we provide. You will be provided with a quality initial service and if you could use more, we will provide you with options. We are always glad to help. We are always there if you need us.

Satisfied Customers
5 Star Reviews On Google
Approximately How Many Other People Your Technician Helps On A Daily Basis.

About The Owner

Shawn Payne
Shawn PayneOwner
Shawn Payne is a formally-educated Horticulturist with 2 decades experience. After graduating Vocational High School Horticulture, he went on to earn dual degrees from the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute. During college, Entomology and Botany students benefited from his Tutoring Services. Additionally, one summer was spent studying abroad, in the United Kingdom.

Following college, the Davey Resource Group put him to work with ConEdison in Westchester County, NY. After that project, he moved into a Gardener position for the City of Cleveland. There he helped care for the grounds and display greenhouses at Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. His main duties were pesticide application, and growing seasonal floriculture crops in the production greenhouses.

In September of 2008, Shawn took a position as a Groundkeeper at NASA Glenn Research Center. Although his job duties ranged from cutting grass to repairing water main breaks, weed control and structural pest control were his main responsibility.

After the birth of his first child, Shawn created his own business. Advantage Landscape Services was what it started out as. Yet it quickly evolved into Lakewood Plant and Pest a year later. Due to an overwhelming demand for quality pest control services in the area, landscaping services were discontinued yet another year later. 2016 was the first full year of operating as Lakewood Exterminating.

Shawn resides in Lakewood, OH with his two daughters. When he is not consumed by business affairs, his time is spent with his family and friends.

Dad 100%
Dedicated Business Owner 100%
Plant Guru 20%
Ping Pong Pro 15%

Locally Focused On Cleveland’s West Side.

This website is here to help you.

After finding out you have an exterminating issue, you may have taken to the internet to find resolution. Most people do. You will find all sorts of strange home remedies from social media postings. You might also read blog articles that other local pest control companies pay their internet marketing company to write for them. All of the information you find on this website comes from us. Pest control is not our only passion. Our passion is helping people just like you find their answer.

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Read Our Blog

Our Owner has personally written our blog articles. Educating the public is key. We share our knowledge to better our community. The truth is that around 80% of people will never hire an exterminator. There is no need for us to hide our tips and tricks from the public. Read up and learn from us. There is a lot of false and misleading information out their. It our goal to counteract whatever of that we can!

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Visit Our Pest Library

Learn about the lifecycle and habits of the insects and wildlife that effect your life. Knowing what life stages a living organism progresses through during the year is absolutely necessary before implementing any form of control. You should also know what makes them thrive. Controlling a critter around your home can be as simple as removing their food source. Everything needs food and shelter to survive. Knowing where to target your efforts is a big part of reducing the pest population. Take some time to visit the pest library. Keep in mind the saying, “Know your enemy”.

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View Our Services

Every job we do is different due to the factors involved. Yet for each pest we have developed a very specific protocol. For example our service for cockroaches is unique to all other services. Find out what you can expect from us when hiring us to perform a specific task. We not only give you an introduction to our services. Customers often struggle for a period of time before they contact us. Read about the common pitfalls frequently experienced encountering pests in and around the home. We also provide valuable recommendations for things that you can do to prevent these occurrences from happening.

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