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Our Core Values

We Educate Our Customers

It is our job to inspect a building, and diagnose its relationship to the pest. The pest’s life cycle, diet and environmental needs are all calculated into the control plan.

Our thorough inspections are shared with our customers. Time is taken to explain how the structure can be altered and the environment manipulated. Our goal is for you never to have this pest problem again.

We educate our customers instead of convincing them they need our pest control services for the rest of their lives.

Quality Pro Certified

• We are an NPMA member that has been in business for at least two years.
• Has job applicants complete an application, and conducts interviews before hiring.
• Checks references/ Conducts criminal background checks.
• Has a drug-free workplace policy.
• Meets minimum insurance policy requirements.
• Has a standard dress policy
• Ensures employees are tested and trained to the highest
industry standards.
• Practices proper pesticide handling.

We Practice Honesty

So if you look at the bigger pest control companies’ websites, you may notice something. They show testimonials from long term customers. These companies also come across interested only in signing you to an annual contract for the rest of your life.

Sure some people would rather spray their homes 4 times a year than make the necessary repairs. And some repairs just cannot practically be made.

But seriously, pests are not that difficult to eliminate from your home permanently. We are going to be honest with you. And we are going to provide you with the answers to solve your pest problem; without a life long commitment.

Members of the Community

Honestly we get a lot of customers because we are local and we have a lot of good reviews.

We are lucky to attract the customers that we do. It makes it easy to perform at such a high level and get the reviews that we do.

We truly are blessed and in turn, we take great pride in our community.

  • Every summer we donate a portion of our profit to the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA.
  • Our owner donates his time to maintain the Haynes Nursery School website.
  • This upcoming summer we will be sponsoring a Lakewood youth baseball team.
About the Owner

Shawn Payne

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The owner of Lakewood Exterminating is Shawn Payne -- an innovative horticulturalist with nearly two decades experience in the field. Shawn began studying plants when he was just 15 years old. He has a certificate in horticulture from the Polaris Career Center where he was named Outstanding Student his senior year. He also has two Associate of Applied Science Degrees -- Nursery Management and Landscape Construction and Contracting -- from the Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute. During his time at the institute, Shawn balanced studying for his dual degrees with tutoring students in entomology (insects) and mentoring the school's botany classes. Shawn also traveled abroad to Myerscough College to study horticulture in the United Kingdom. Since graduation, Shawn has worked for the Davey Resource Group and as a Gardener for the  City of Cleveland where he took care of the Cultural Gardens and Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. Before taking on his business full time, Shawn was responsible for the pest control, animal trapping, and weed control at NASA Glenn Research Center. When he's not working, he can be found spending time with his wife and two young daughters and tending to his garden, which is the envy of his neighbors in Lakewood, Ohio.

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