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Frequently Asked Questions

Pest control prices in Cleveland, OH are dependent on the detail of the service and the covered pest(s). Take into consideration that the length of coverage will inflate the cost of extermination. While a one time service can be found for under $100; the price may increase 3- fold when its backed by a guarantee of 6+ months. Prices can also vary due to the level of expertise the company can provide. Where a lawn care company can provide an exterior pesticide application for $50.00; the quality of service is very low.

If you are looking for excellence, then browse our residential pest control services. Prices and details are listed for our innovative service plans that fit most home pest control needs.

Lakewood, OH residents can check the city’s website for list of registered pest control contractors.
Always check to see if the company you hire has a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Pest control companies in Ohio are required to retain a Pesticide Business License by the Ohio Department Of Agriculture. One or more employees must hold a Commercial Pesticide Applicators License. Anyone applying pesticides must either hold this license or be a Trained Serviceperson. A Trained Serviceperson applying pesticides must be under specific supervision requirements by the licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator.

Click here to review the Trained Service Person Test Manual. As you can see the questions revolve around pesticide safety. There are no pest specific knowledge required. Any pest control company can send a trained serviceperson to your home to apply pesticides. They may have a very limited knowledge of pests. A large portion of landscaping, lawncare, and pest control companies only have the manager as the licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator. If you hire a company to apply pesticides on your property, I would recommend they be more than a Trained Serviceperson.

Likewise any company performing Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control in Cleveland, OH must be licensed to do so by the Ohio Department Of Natural Resources. This regulation covers rodent control services, like those provided for mice. At least one employee must have passed the online Wildlife Control Test. Any employee may perform wildlife control tasks under direct supervision of the license holder.
For more information regarding this please visit the Ohio Department Of Natural Resources Commercial Wildlife Control webpage.

If pesticides are used on vertebrate animals, a commercial pesticide applicator must be properly licensed in that specific category.

The wildlife control company must also abide by any local laws enforced by the municipality that the work is being performed in.

Cash, check and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. Credit cards are processed securely through PayPal.

We currently service communities from Tremont west to Avon Lake. We travel south into Fairview Park, Brookpark, North Olmsted and Berea.

Being an “exterminating” company, we specialize in insect and rodent control. While we are members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, our company does not provide for cage trapping on roofs higher than 23 feet in elevation.

Permission is required from the landlord to treat a rental property. Most landlords do not mind if the tenant is willing to hire and pay for their own exterminating service. On the contrary, many landlords have an exterminator they currently partner with. It is ultimately the landlord’s responsibility to provide tenants with safe and healthy living conditions. If you do not feel comfortable having your landlord contact us to provide permission, then we cannot assist you. We do not provide legal advice. We refer all calls involving tenant/ landlord disputes to an attorney.

Pesticides are designed to kill insects. While their level of toxicity varies greatly; it would be a dis-service to our customers to state that the pesticides we apply are 100% safe. Our BBB accreditation and Quality Pro Certification through the NPMA does not allow us to state that a pesticide application is “safe” or “non-toxic”. While you may ask every exterminating company you call, “Are your exterminating services safe for my children and pets?” Contrary to popular belief, you should seek out the company that tells you the truth and says, “no”.

Yes, we are properly trained, licensed and insured to provide customers with termite inspections. These detailed pest inspections are formally called Wood Destroying Insect Inspections. Certain loans require WDI inspections as part of the realty transaction.

Ants can be extremely difficult to eliminate with over the counter products. Commonly used boric acid baits simply do not work fast enough on mature ant colonies. In Lakewood, OH our main pest is the carpenter ant. Our innovative ant control service is very extensive. Yet at the same time our ant treatment is very precise. We provide no spray ant extermination using a combination of bait and desiccants.

Pest control is a partnership between the customer and the service provider. Unlike some “spray-only” companies, we do not rely solely on chemicals to do our job. While pesticides are usually used on initial service, the customer is also educated and provided with non-chemical approaches to maintain their pest population. We may provide sanitation and structural repair recommendations in writing. If these contributing factors are not dealt with within a reasonable amount of time, a service fee may apply for any re-treatments of the property.

We make bed bugs a thing of the past. Hire us and we will vaccuum and steam any signs of bed bugs. Then we will lay down a very thorough crack and crevice treatment with the most effective products on the market. We are very confident in our bed bug pest control service. Make yourself another of our satisfied customers.

Fleas are often linked to nuisance wildlife on the property. Whether it is a family of flea infested squirrels in your yard, skunks under your deck, chipmunks in your kitchen addition’s crawlspace, or mice in the basement; they can all bring in fleas. Our unique approach to flea pest control covers all the bases.

You cannot purchase pest control products from our company. We do not believe in selling professional use pesticides to untrained individuals. Pesticides are commonly abused by homeowners. The result of pesticide misapplication can cause serious harm. We encourage everyone to become familiar with pesticide safety before using any pesticide. Remember its not about what you use, but how you apply it.

Current customers can be invoiced for one time services. Payment is due upon job completion for first time customers.

For general pest control service plans with multiple visits, customer can pay upfront or pay for each visit as they are completed.

The cost of our bed bug service plan may be broken into two payments. The first payment due during the initial service and the second payment due at the time of the second service.

Conventional residential pest prevention plans, will be offered beginning in January 2017. The cost of service is $350 plus tax. This plan provides coverage for the calendar year.

All other annual pest control contracts (Commercial And GreenPro Certified) provide 12 month coverage. These contracts are customized and therefore require an on-site quote.

For any pest that is infesting a kitchen area, we require that all exposed food be removed from the treatment area. We also require that all food preparation utensils (dishes, pots, pans, silverware) be removed or covered.

We require that children, the elderly, and pets are removed from the treatment area during service and after treatment until liquid pesticide application has dried (or as directed).

Click here for more specific preparation guidelines

It is our attempt to make your experience go as smoothly as possible. Our protocols have been formulated to apply low toxicity pesticides while leaving minimal amounts of it in exposed areas.

While most pest control services do not require you to leave your home, there are times when it is necessary. Flea control and bed bug control are two services that require the occupants to vacate the home.

The basis of our mouse control service is to eliminate the entry points by sealing the exterior structure. Once this mouse proofing service is complete, our focus is to eliminate the current population indoors. Successful rodent control is highly dependent on sealing all potential entry points,

Sealing entry points for rats and other wildlife is often required to prevent re-infestation of the structure. Extensive plumbing repairs related to Norway rats are best left to a plumbing professional. Roofing repairs related to squirrel and raccoon damage is best left to a professional roofer.

Our company provides minor carpentry repairs, caulking, foaming and sealing. We provide screening, and drain covers too.

Pest proofing homes is offered for many pests. Missing ventilation screens are a huge source of pest entry into a structure. These are recognized during the inspection process. Repair recommendations are provided with cost estimates if we can provide the service. If we cannot provide the service we refer you to someone that can assist.

Why rely on pesticides when you can seal them out?

German yellowjackets are the most common stinging insect to nest inside wall voids. Common scenarios are when the feces of a mature colony wear through drywall, allowing stinging insects to enter. Similarly when outdoor temperatures cool in Autumn, workers tend to enter a warm interior instead of going outside into cooler temperatures. Populations accumulate around light fixtures and bright windows.

Freezing temperatures are often enough to kill a colony of bees or wasps. If a nest is located inside of a protected wall void, freezing temperatures may not reach it. This may cause an extended period of yellowjackets entering occupied areas of a structure. Light traps can be brought in when the nest cannot be located; as it can be declared a safety issue.

Contact sprays can also be applied to quickly eradicate rogue stinging insects within a home. In combination with direct treatment of the nest, this provides fast and effective control of stinging insects.

Our green pest control service is regulated by the National Pest Management Association. Our GreenPro certified service is an integrated pest management protocol. It minimizes the use of pesticides by giving the customer the choice of multiple control options, chemical and natural. For more information read our green pest control page.