Comprehensive Quarterly Pest Control in Cleveland

Automate your pest control with regular treatments.

Secure our popular services with a year-round warranty against common household pests.

Stop being reactive to pest infestations. Improve your pest control with our trained professionals, quality products, and innovative protocols.

  • Most companies send workers with little to no experience. They use generic products and sprayers that can barely reach a second-story window.
  • Our employees are held to high standards. We use a compliment of high-end products, applied with the best application equipment on the market.

Enjoy the convenience of an ongoing maintenance plan

Manage common household pests correctly.

  • Treat the exterior of your home to prevent pest infestations inside.
  • By managing pests outside, pesticide use indoors is reduced.
  • There are many common household pests. Many are active at different times of the year. Regular pest treatments covers you against all of them.
  • Having to provide exterminators access to your home can be a hassle. There is no need to be home during these services.
  • Most companies apply the cheapest general-use pesticide for their seasonal customers. We rotate high end products, use pest specific products, and use multiple products during each visit.
  • Receive accurate records of our application. We include notes, recommendations, weather conditions, exact arrival times, the time spent at your home, and what products we applied and where.
  • Pay easily online. You will receive invoices through text and email.
  • Need a touch up? If pest sightings are beyond your comfort level, call us for a free follow-up.

We Want You To Be Happy-

Enjoy Clear Transparency of Everything We Do.

We have compiled a detailed description of everything included with your quarterly pest maintenance plan. We constantly seek to improve our services instead of cutting costs to improve profit margins. We want a strong relationship with lifetime customers. Please review the details of our service and contact us to sign up!

Quarterly Pest Maintenance Details!

*The Outdoor Spray Season is March-November.

  • Base Price For Seasonal Pest Control- 110$ plus tax per service
  • Timing: The customer receives four scheduled services during the outdoor spray season*. We schedule services at 2-month intervals, varying from 7- 10 weeks apart. Initially, we set your four treatments to repeat two months apart. Then, before each round of spraying, we add the new customers to the route. That way, they fit in with other customers who live close by. As a result, your service intervals will vary. Depending on the weather, we begin in mid-March. So, your first application will be between then and mid-May. The second round of spraying will be between mid-May through mid-July. The third round will be between mid-July through mid-September. The final round will be mid-September through mid-November.

Like the spring service, the fall treatment will be weather-dependent. We may adjust the timing of your fall treatment by up to two weeks. Doing so will align with the timing of overwintering pests.

If you are dealing with an active pest infestation before your first scheduled service, please make us aware so we can accommodate your needs.

  • Included Pests: Ants, Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes, Yellowjackets, Paper Wasps, Mud Daubers, Cockroaches, Ground Beetles, Crickets, Silverfish, Springtails, Earwigs, and Potato Bugs.
  • Non-Covered Pests: Bed bugs, Wildlife, Swarming Insects (i.e., flies, mosquitoes, etc.), Moths/Stored-Product Pests, and Wood-Destroying Organisms. Does not include ants or wasp nests found away from the home.
  • 20% Discount for Non-Covered Services
  • Duplexes: Also cost 110$ plus tax per service, but there is an additional fee of 80$ for each interior pest control service.
  • Large homes over 4500 Sq Ft.:  125$ per service. Depending on the size of the home and the customer’s needs, an 80$ fee could be applied for each interior service.
  • Exterior Rodent Bait Stations: These can be added to any seasonal plan. The cost is 50$ per station to have them installed. Adding up to 4 stations adds 10$ per visit, plus one visit in December to refill the stations for 50$. This does not guarantee that you will not have rodents inside or out. This reduces the population of mice and rats outside.
  • Notifications: Customers will get an email and text appointment reminder three days before each service. Additionally, we will always text on our way to the property.
  • Invoicing: Invoices are sent through both email and text after each service. Most people pay online. We also accept checks and cash. We require payment before the next service is performed. Customers may pay the full amount in full for a 5% discount. We encourage customers to pay in full or put a credit card on file for autopay.
  • These are exterior treatments unless they have an active pest infestation inside and request an interior treatment in advance. Otherwise, there is no need to be home for the treatments.
  • If we are on the final round of spraying, the cost is the same as the single service. The discounted price starts in spring.
  • Preparation For Service: Please close your windows and pick up any personal belongings around the home’s exterior. This includes children’s toys, gardening tools, grill items, and strollers. Turn pet food dishes upside down or remove them. We often apply a band of pesticide spray about 1-3 feet from the foundation. Please keep this area free from leaves, debris, belongings, and weeds. We cannot spray flowering plants. This includes weeds that are flowering. The fewer obstructions along the foundation, the better.

*Plan to keep out of the treatment area until the spray has dried. Lakewood Exterminating LLC will not be held responsible for pets and children left within the premises during treatment.

  • Access To The Property: Please ensure all gates are unlocked, and full access to the yard is provided. If you would like the garage interior treated, please also open that.
  • Interior Treatments: If you do not require interior access, we do not require you to be home. We put you on a route with other people in your neighborhood. That is how we can discount the service cost from the more expensive single services. It is important to keep your scheduled appointments. If you need special accommodations, please make them beforehand so we can keep a set schedule throughout the year.

If you need interior service due to an active pest infestation inside your home, please inform us in advance. We are happy to do what is necessary inside. Please remember that any treatment area must remain vacant until the liquid spray dries. In most cases, ants can be controlled from the exterior without needing access indoors. A bait station can be left for use inside.

The service plan aims to treat the home’s exterior, so you do not get pests inside. As a result, pesticide use indoors can be kept to a minimum.

  • What We Treat Outside: We treat the structures’ exterior. The treatment applies pesticide to hiding spots and access points leading into the home. We treat overhangs around windows, under the bottom lip of siding, and any other place insects can find refuge in or get into the house. We also apply a band of liquid pesticide around the perimeter of the base of the foundation. How large the band is depends on the pesticide that we use. Our main ant control spray is applied one foot up and out. General use pyrethroids are 3 feet up and out. Specialty product Advion WDG is applied lightly up to 10 feet out in soil. We spray less than a foot out from the foundation when the foundation meets paved areas (nonpermeable surfaces).

Our technicians are equipped with the best sprayers on the market. Our pole attachments allow us to reach the highest points of your home. This is one way our service differs from local competitors. A backpack sprayer without a pole attachment can only reach around 20 feet high. Spraying higher portions of the home without the pole attachment causes more pesticide drift. It is likelier to get on your windows, drift into the neighbor’s yard, or onto your outdoor living space.

The goal is to treat the home to prevent bugs from getting inside. We cannot guarantee against bugs found away from the home. However, treating along the edges of driveways, sidewalks, patios, and landscape edging/ stones for pavement ants is important. We include targeting these areas when small ant species are a problem.

  • Treatments away from the home: Please let us know if there are areas away from the home that you would like periodically treated. This could include patio furniture or shrubbery along the home. Again, the purpose of the service is to treat the exterior so bugs do not come inside. It is not to make your yard bug-free. But please inform us if you have specific areas you want us to focus on.
  • Granular Bait: We do not rely only on liquid spray products. We often rely on granular insect bait during the early part of the spray season. A hand spreader applies this product to the landscape beds around the home and the areas mentioned above for ant control. This also helps draw insect pests (mainly ants) through the spray application for increased control. Generally, this is a boric acid bait with a low health risk to children and pets who also occupy the yard.

We also use this bait to develop ant trails. These trails are then treated with liquid spray or gel bait. This is one way our service differentiates itself from our competitors. We take an extra step to treat the ant colonies directly.

  • Rainy Day Protocols: We do not apply liquid pesticides to areas where rain can wash away before it dries. Luckily, most areas we treat are crevices unaffected by rain. We do not service homes during downpours. A drizzle or rain later in the day should not compromise your service. If it rains post-treatment, give it time before deciding if you need another application. If pests resurface, let us know.

We have special protocols during times of wetter weather. Granular pesticides are applied if wet weather is forecasted. Most of these products require them to be watered in (activated). While more expensive to us, these are long-lasting and effective. Dusts have the same benefit when applied to crevices outside of the home. We continue to apply certain liquid sprays to areas unaffected by rain.

  • Free Follow-up Treatments Between Services: Your home is warranted against common household pests year-round on the seasonal pest maintenance plan. If you notice bugs between services, just let us know. We will return to treat the areas of concern. If you request a follow-up near your next service, we may reschedule your next appointment to occur sooner. In most cases, the follow-up focuses on the areas of complaint instead of performing a full exterior treatment.
  • Expectations for Control: We ask that you allow 5-7 days to see results after treatment. Ant and yellowjacket colonies can take up to two weeks to fully collapse. Granted, if we missed a giant spider web or something, let us know immediately. Or contact us if the problem is beyond your comfort level.
  • Spider Web Removal: During each service, we will use a pole and Webster duster head to remove any active spider webs outside the home. We can reach approximately 30 feet high with the pole.
  • Targeting Pests Throughout the Season: The residual effects of pesticides only last so long. Additionally, different pests are active during different parts of the season. This is why it is important to have pest control performed at regular intervals throughout the season. We require customers to keep all four scheduled services throughout the year.

We attempt to change our treatments throughout the year. For example, we may focus more on ants with granular baits early on. Then, switch over to focusing on spiders as the season progresses. We also attempt to rotate pesticides to limit pests from becoming resistant to our products.

  • Regarding Winter Treatments: While we do not provide service during winter, your home is warranted from your fall service through the spring service. Some companies provide a winter service. We feel this is more to give their employees something to do in winter. Insect pest treatments outside have little effect from Late November through early March. There are exceptions, but we do not find spraying outside during these times useful.
  • For Customers Who Have an Appointment Early in The Spray Season or At the Tail End: We have protocols for this period during cooler weather. Early spring is a perfect time to apply granular products for pests that reside in the soil. Treating ants early will keep them from gaining a foothold throughout the season.

The same goes for the fall. While you might not notice pest activity, fall treatments are perfect to prevent overwintering pests. We focus on treating crevices where these pests reside and granular pesticides around the perimeter.

  • Service Reports: Most people are not present during treatments. We will text on our way. The invoice will state the exact times that we were on the premises. We also include the products applied, where we applied them, and how much of each product was applied. There is also an area where we make notes of anything worth mentioning. This can be where we found active pest infestations and our recommendations to the client. If you have questions about the service, please review the invoice before contacting us.
  • Regarding Rescheduling: We put you on a route with customers in your area. When you reschedule, it takes you off the route. We could be left with a gap in our schedule. Additionally, we have increased drive time to service your property. Both are things that we try to avoid.

We understand that things come up. We do not charge a fee to reschedule your service. We do keep track of rescheduling requests. The cost per service may be increased for a customer who develops a habit of rescheduling. Alternatively, they could be taken off the seasonal plan.

Please give us as much advance notice as possible if you must reschedule.

If we need to reschedule you due to an employee calling off or weather, we will notify you as soon as possible.

  • Interior Access and Special Accommodations: Some people need more time and attention than others. For some customers, we will always treat the exterior while they are at work. For others, we will be meeting with them for each service.

Sometimes, interior access is needed to treat balconies or other such areas. In such instances, people must be home for every service. We will need to schedule service in advance for the entire season. Please let us know if you fall into this category.

If you decide you want the basement sprayed or something done inside, we will need access. Some people leave a key, leave the side door open, or provide a door code. Again, please attempt to keep the original scheduled appointment. But we do understand if you need to change the appointment time occasionally.

  • Cancelling Service: Either party may cancel service at any time. We do not provide refunds for people who pay in advance for the year and cancel before the season ends. If we decide to cancel your service, you will be notified through the email on file.

Exterior rodent bait stations remain the property of Lakewood Exterminating. Upon cancellation, we will return to remove the bait stations at no additional fee.

  • Non-Payment: You will receive an invoice after each service. These will be sent to the cell phone and email on file. Each month, we mail out unpaid invoices. We encourage customers to prepay for the year in advance or sign up for autopay. If you want to sign up for autopay, you must complete the credit card authorization form.

We ask that you pay your bill before the next scheduled service. We will contact you if you have not paid for the previous service. We may cancel your service or require you to have a card on file due to non-payment.

  • Auto-Renewal and Beginning of the Year Email: The service agreement runs through the calendar year. It automatically renews at the beginning of each year. Before your first scheduled service of the season, you will receive an email about changes to your plan and any relevant information. This is an ideal time to make requests, ask questions, and make any accommodations. We welcome any feedback that you may have from previous services. And any suggestions to improve the service from the previous year. We aim to send this email around the beginning of March.
  • Chemical Sensitivity: If a customer or other occupants of the structure(s) believe they are or may be sensitive to pesticides/termiticides or their odors, the customer must notify Lakewood Exterminating LLC in writing before service, including information on whether the customer or other occupants have consulted with a medical doctor or other healthcare provider regarding such sensitivity. Upon receipt of such notification, Lakewood Exterminating LLC reserves the right to deny or terminate service. Failure to provide notification represents the customer’s assumption of risk and waiving of claims against Lakewood Exterminating LLC in connection with such sensitivity.

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