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Find an innovative solution with our specialty wildlife control services in Cleveland, OH. Go beyond hiring just a trapper. Focus on making the repairs necessary to keep animals out. Our wildlife removal has now expanded past our top-notch rodent control service. Since Lakewood and Rocky River have so many mice, skunks consequently come around to feed on them. Therefore on top of rodent-proofing homes, we also provide deck and porch exclusions. If a bat has gotten into your home, let us know.

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Diagnosing Strange Noises

Call us for wildlife control service when you are hearing noises in the walls. Our wildlife inspections use infrared cameras to pick up animals nesting inside of walls and ceilings. Believe it or not, most suspect animal noises end up being mice.

  • Mice gnaw on wall studs and floor joists at night. If you go up to the area and tap on it, the noise should stop. Then once you walk away, it’ll start back up again. Mice are common in attics, especially in Rocky River and Westlake homes.
  • Flying squirrels are more common than you may think. These little varmints are also responsible for a lot of those unexpected nighttime noises.
  • Grey and red squirrel noises predominantly occur in the morning. They get going for work around the same time you do. Yet you might end up hearing them trying to work their way into warmer areas of your attic after dusk.
  • Many times bats get into areas they shouldn’t be in. In this case, you will hear a lot of random movement from one area to another. Sometimes you can hear their little chirps.
  • Rats are pretty sneaky. You don’t often hear or see these guys. When they nest inside of a wall together they often give off a murmur that can sound like baby animals.
  • Chipmunks are uncommon inside, yet sometimes they find a way inside. These rodents are most active during the day. They can become very noisy, going from one place to another.
  • Raccoons can be really destructive once inside of an attic. They are nocturnal so you’ll likely hear them coming and going at the least. If you suspect a raccoon go outside and look around. You are likely to see a ripped off soffit or some type of gaping hole.

Wildlife Control Options

There are two types of wildlife: transient and domiciled. Transient means that they do not live on your property. This type of animal passes through your property looking for food or shelter. In contrast, domiciled wildlife lives on your property. Domiciled wildlife can be squirrels in the attic, or a skunk den under your porch.

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Controlling Visiting Wildlife

Exclusion or habitat modification is your best wildlife control option for visiting animals. Setting traps on the ground, hoping to catch that one problem animal is not always practical. You are more likely to catch a bunch of opossums or the neighbors cat. Instead try removing the food or water that is drawing them to your yard in the first place. Remove that excess vegetation and brush that peaks their interest, and gives them a hiding spot. If you can, use fences, screens and other barricades. This is usually the more expensive option. Although it is well worth it in the long run. If all else fails, try applying a repellent product for wildlife control.

As you can see in the picture, sometimes a raccoon comes over, just to poop on your roof! Perfect example of transient wildlife!

Controlling Nesting Wildlife

You almost always need to trap problem critters. It is highly unlikely to achieve results strictly by blocking their entry hole. These highly adaptable creatures can be pretty persistent. If you don’t trap certain vermin, they will likely cause more damage in order to get back inside. For example, squirrels often shoot right down the chimney stack if you block them from getting to their nest!

For wildlife like raccoons and squirrels, it is best to positive set a trap over the entry hole. That way they have to go into the trap to get out. Then set a trap nearby to catch whoever isn’t inside the nest. Small rodents like chipmunks, rats and mice can all be removed with snap traps. Legally the only wildlife you can really use toxins against are mice, rats, voles, and moles.

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Wildlife control in Cleveland, OH- porch exclusion.

Wildlife Exclusion

Once problem wildlife is removed from the structure, exclusion should be performed. This prevents neighboring animal populations from inhabiting the newly vacated shelter.

  • In most cases, sheet metal needs to be bent to cover, and then painted to match after removing squirrels.
  • Rodent-proofing is worth the investment. We specialize in mouse exclusions. Read our FAQ to learn what it takes.
  • Screen around the base of decks, porches, and sheds. We utilize a product called Dig Defence for this type of exclusion.
  • Bat exclusions are very extensive, you really have to seal up everything to do it right.

Helpful Wildlife Control Information

List Of Animals That Must Be Euthanized Or Released On Site In Ohio:

  • Raccoon
  • Skunk
  • Beaver
  • Coyote
  • Red or Grey Fox
  • Opossum

List Of Animals That Can Be Euthanized Or Released Off Site In Ohio:

Can You Release A Trapped Animal In The Metroparks?

Taking trapped animals to a public park to release them is illegal in our area. Knowing this fact is not enough to stop most people when they do their own wildlife control. Keep in mind too that wild animals carry a multitude of disease pathogens. When you place a caged animal inside your vehicle it will most likely defecate. Regular disinfectant will not destroy the parasites that are excreted inside your trunk. Then afterwards you are going to place your groceries in that same spot?

Releasing an animal outside of its home range, will prevent it from returning to your property. Many people imagine there is a magical farm where all animals live in unity. This is simply not the case. When you trans-locate an animal you are taking away its shelter. On top of that, the animal has no idea where to find food and water. Generally speaking, animals do not get along with each other. Local animals rarely tolerate trans-located animals of the same species. This is especially true for squirrels and raccoons. In this case, the newly introduced animal usually gets violently murdered by the other animals.


We euthanize nuisance wildlife using Veteraniary recommended practices. This eliminates the negative effects imposed by the other two methods.

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