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German Cockroach Control

Even the toughest infestations are no match for our cockroach control service. By utilizing multiple control measures, our success rate is very high. Modes of action are strategically combined and rotated to knock down pesticide-resistant strains of roaches.

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German Cockroach Inspection:

Finding The Source

Getting rid of cockroaches relies on a multitude of factors. Since they are a tropical species, the main thing is to figure out how they came inside.

  • Infested material from neighboring properties is a big cause for new infestations? Trash and other such things placed outdoors give them an opportunity to visit the kitchen next door. Do you suspect neighboring properties to be a problem? If so, consider year-long protection with our annual plan.
  • On a similar note, consider trash receptacles. Roaches in a nearby dumpster or trash can will easily migrate over to yours.
  • People gather used cardboard boxes to pack stuff in when they move. German cockroaches love corrugated cardboard boxes with produce in it. Watch out for taking boxes from grocery stores. In fact, there is one store in particular that does not provide bags. You almost have to grab their boxes to put your food in!
  • Friends or family periodically visit your home from out of town. Have you ever considered that they may have cockroaches at their home? Watch out if your child attends college in the Southern part of the country. Cockroaches are more prevalent down South than they are in Ohio. This pest is an excellent hitchhiker.

How Roaches Get Established Once Indoors

German cockroaches require a warm and humid environment. These highly adaptable scavengers will eat a variety of foods. Kitchens and bathrooms are the main areas of the home that they infest. They are commonly found around dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, and sinks. In order to make your home inhabitable to German cockroaches take these 4 factors into consideration: Shelter, Food Sources, Water, Heat/Humidity.


The majority of jobs take on all have a lot of great hiding places. These nocturnal creatures retreat into crevices during the day. Any place that is warm dark and humid work for them. They are usually found around sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The gaps around cabinets are great hiding spots. They will hide out inside cabinets, electrical outlets, door frames, and plumbing too.


You would be surprised how many chronic infestations also have a chronic water leak. German cockroaches can survive about a month without and food. That is a long time. Yet they can only survive about two weeks without water. It is very important to repair water leaks and dry up the infested area as much as possible. Something as simple as a wet wash rag stored under the sink is enough to keep them alive and well.


These critters come out of their hiding spots at night to feed. They are not picky eaters. Their diet consists of grease, meat, starches, and sugary foods. Their main food source is garbage. They especially like it when you store it next to the fridge or underneath the sink. Grease on the stove is a very significant food source.


The peak of activity for this tropical pest is during summer. This ramps up their reproduction and translocation abilities. They don’t go away when it gets cold outside. So take away the heat and humidity of the summer. What do you have left? A home that is near 70 degrees with much dryer air. Start looking for hot spots:

  • Underneath the refrigerator.
  • Under the hot water tank.
  • Inside gas stoves.
  • Around heating vents.
  • Surrounding hot water pipes.
  • Inside electrical outlets.

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The Different Kinds of Cockroaches

Approximately 30 different species of cockroaches live among us humans. In Cleveland comparably, there are 4 species. Especially important is the German Cockroach. Additionally American Cockroach, is the other species that requires structural cockroach control. The black Oriental Cockroach is rare, yet is still worth mentioning.

Tips And Tricks

Habitat modification and sanitation are essential to controlling cockroaches. Focus on eliminating all of their hiding spots.

  • Provide a complete seal around kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Seal underneath the sink where ever the plumbing lines go into the walls.
  • Install foam weatherstrips behind electrical outlet covers.
  • Clean grease residue off of stoves.
  • Do a clean sweep of water every night in the kitchen and bathrooms for 30 days.
  • Do not spray with over-the-counter products. Most of these are pyrethroids. These products are known as repellents. They kill on contact, yet insects tend to avoid contacting the spray after it has dried. Pyrethroids will also contaminate baits. If you try to control these pests on your own, just stick to baits.