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Ant Control Service

Step 1- Detailed Inspection, Pre-Baiting

By following the ant trail, we locate the colony. Then we treat the nest directly. This is the key to getting rid of ant infestations. It is so tempting to spray them before we arrive. Many customers do just that. Alternatively, we encourage customers to pre-bait. This draws a line for us right back to the nest. By pre-baiting with a dab of peanut butter or a cap-ful of sugar water, we can target our controls much better. You can do this both indoors and out.

Step 2- Proper Identification

In order to determine your options, the ant species must first be identified. Did you know that certain kinds of ants have more than one Queen? Diet and nesting sites differ among species too. All of this information tells us where to look for them, and why they are coming around. We adjust what we do based on the kind of ant you have.

Conventional Treatment:

  • Either sprays or dusts treat nests directly. These low-toxicity products wipe out ants at the source.
  • Your home receives a detailed exterior treatment. By doing, so any trailing ants will drag the undetectable spray back to the nest. There it effects the entire colony.
  • Baits do great work at finding the hidden nests. As a matter of fact, there is rarely ever the need to spray inside. Strategic bait trailing works both indoors and out.
  • Granular borate bait quickly establishes ant trails outdoors. We use it to follow them back to their nest.
  • Carpenter ant infestations require trees to be treated. This is due to the fact that the queen is always in with the main colony. Main colonies are in trees. Worker ants branch off and nest in the structural wood of your home.

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Additional Services

Low-Risk Ant Control Service

Please ask about our low-risk ant control service. Even though our basic service works great, this takes things up a notch. By utilizing I.P.M. you reduce risks. For instance, all baits go into stations. Unlike the basic service where bait goes into crevices. Furthermore, the sprays are either natural or an Insect Growth Regulator. I.G.R.’s are low toxicity, because they target hormones that only insects have. Since bait is the primary control method, multiple visits are necessary. As a result, this option costs more than the basic service. Keep in mind that it takes time to knock out ants without non-repellent sprays. As long as you understand that, it is a great way to do ant control.

Ant Prevention- Exterior Baiting Program

Manage ants outdoors so they don’t come in. Once a colony gets so big, they expand their feeding range. This usually moves them right into your kitchen. Certain conditions outside of your home can be conducive to ants. For instance, an old cracked driveway or a mature tree in decline. There are tons of reasons you get ants. They could even be farming the aphids on your rose bushes. If you experience perennial problems, then consider using our exterior bait station program. We maintain them throughout the warm part of the year. This is a great way to prevent ants from getting indoors. On top of that it saves you from having to spray pesticides in your outdoor living space.

Pavement ant colony outside. Ant control in Rocky River, OH.

Tips and Tricks

You probably already know that getting rid of ants is no easy task. Here are some things you can try on your own:

  • Most importantly, do not apply over-the-counter sprays! Unless of course, you are able to treat an entire colony directly. Consider avoiding pyrethroid sprays altogether. This class of chemical is termed a repellent. Depending on the product’s level of repellency; you could end up actually trapping them inside. A lot of times ants will sit pretty until the pesticide wears off, then they come back. Additionally, many store-bought sprays can agitate the colony causing it to split. This is termed budding. You definitely do not want this to happen.
  • Many homeowners will buy both ant killer spray and ant traps at the store. Then they use them both in the same place. Take into consideration that repellent sprays usually makes bait go bad. So just stick to bait whenever possible.
  • Did you know that ants change their diets throughout the year? Therefore, not every ant bait you try will be effective. Be sure to remove any food sources in the infested area too. That way they eat the bait.
  • The liquid borate/ borax baits are popular. Ants find it sweet as nectar. The downside of it is that it provides a slow kill. Mature colonies often reproduce faster than the bait kills them. As a result- when a mature colony develops a foraging trail inside to your bait placement, it does little but draw more ants inside. Borate and borax baits will help knock off certain satellite nests and young colonies though.
  • There can be several thousand ants in a colony. Take the time to look for the ants outside. Go outside and flip some rocks or stepping stones over. You’d be surprised what you find.