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Isn’t it amazing how something so tiny can wreak so much havoc on your life? Ants may be small, but they pack a huge punch in the nuisance department. And if you’ve already tried getting rid of them yourself, you know just how stubborn and persistent they can be.

Most people go through several store-bought remedies to get rid of ants before turning to an exterminator. After all, why pay someone to treat your home for ants, if you can fix the problem yourself?

The truth is, ants are extremely difficult to get rid of for good. Many over-the-counter products contradict one another and can actually sabotage your efforts if you use the wrong combination. The general home barrier treatment can kill the ants too quickly. Therefore they do not make it back to the nest with the product. Since only a small portion of the ants in the colony actually leave the nest, you are likely not doing much to effect the ants outside. They just keep coming. Professional products work slower and have a transfer effect to the colony. They are able to make it back to get it all over the other ants.

Pitch those ant traps inside. If you sprayed outside, then the DIY ant killer is likely to kill them before they make it back to the nest anyways. There are usually such a large colony outside, that store bought ant traps only really draw them inside more. They don’t really provide the oomph necessary to knock out the ant nest under your driveway. A lot of ants colonies can have multiple nests that span multiple properties. It is likely there are 100,000 ants out there somewhere. It is better to put the highly attractive bait outside your house. 

We’ve developed a proven system for dealing with ants in your home. Professional products work slower per say. After the ants contact the treatment 

Benefits Of Our Service

  • A Measured Approach In many cases, ant bait can be used instead of an all-over spray. The amount of active pesticide in bait is minuscule in comparison to that in spray. Furthermore, only the smallest dab of bait is needed to wipe out an entire colony of ants. We apply bait to inaccessible crevices in your home; otherwise, bait is well-contained in plastic stations.
  • Highly-Controlled Spraying If our exterminators determine that the interior of your home needs to be sprayed, we only inject our products into cracks and crevices. Therefore, any potentially harmful pesticides are well-protected and inaccessible to people and pets.
  • Exterior Treatments In most cases, perimeter treatment alone does the trick. A properly-applied exterior treatment keeps both the ants and the pesticide outside.
  • 60-Day Warranty There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve gotten rid of your ants for good, only to watch another one crawl by. We provide free, unlimited re-treatments if ants return inside the home.

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Getting rid of carpenter ants requires a bit of detective work. For instance, the Queen is always outside in a tree. She needs the high humidity to lay her eggs. Worker ants build separate nests to care for the older larvae. These satellite colonies are often in water damaged areas of your home. It is our job to locate these nests and treat them directly. As an additional measure, baits and non-repellent sprays are applied. By doing this, worker ants take the product back to the nests. This is especially useful when the Queen is in a tree on a neighboring property.

Generally speaking, small ants develop large colonies outside of your home. As the colony matures, their feeding range expands into your home. You may be dealing with multiple different nests- all converging on your kitchen. Some of these small ant colonies are problematic due to the fact that they can have more than one Queen. Indoor infestations are specifically targeted with baits and crevice treatments. Exterior perimeter treatments knock them out- no matter where they trail in from.

Extend Your 60 Day Warranty

Ant Prevention- Exterior Baiting Program

Wondering why it seems like your ant problem pops up at the same time, year after year? Do you sometimes feel like your house must have been built directly on top of an ant hill? If this sounds like you, you’re almost certainly a good candidate for our exterior ant-baiting program. While our single-service ant control is highly-effective, sometimes it takes a bit more to get rid of the problem for good. Our exterior treatment program wipes out massive colonies surrounding your home, and lets you get ahead of the problem before it trickles inside.

Preventing Carpenter Ants

If you’re trying to get rid of carpenter ants, you’ll need a systematic approach. The good news is that carpenter ants make this easy — they’re highly predictable. For example, the main colony of a carpenter ant population is always outside in a tree. And although there may be multiple nests, there is always only a single queen. Once the queen is destroyed, the entire colony collapses. The most effective way to reach the queen is with strategically-placed bait. While our single-service carpenter ant bait is often enough to take care of your problem, we also offer an add-on package for 3 additional bait applications to target carpenter ant hot-spots — prominent trees, fence posts, and wood piles.

Preventing Pavement Ants and Other Problem Species

Believe it or not, most small ants actually live underneath driveways, patios, walkways, and landscape edging. Have you ever overturned a stone or large rock to see hundreds of ants busily scurrying about? The concept is the same, but on a larger scale. But the problem is that you can’t very well lift up your entire driveway to get a scope of your ant problem. Our exterminators will examine your property, pinpoint areas of high activity, and set tamper-resistant bait stations in precisely the right places. We maintain these stations throughout the season to keep your ant population at bay. This service is especially effective for homeowners who notice ants invading their home at around the same time each year.

Pavement ant colony outside. Ant control in Rocky River, OH.

Tips and Tricks

You probably already know that getting rid of ants is no easy task. There always seem to be so many of them! However, there are several tips and tricks you can use if you plan to attack your ant problem on your own.

  • Most importantly, do not apply over-the-counter sprays! Unless you can spray the entire colony in one shot, we highly suggest that you consider avoiding pyrethroid sprays altogether. Pyrethoid sprays are actually ant-repelling, rather than ant-killing. In other words, spraying these products will just keep the ants away for a short while until the pesticide wears off; then they come back. Additionally, many store-bought sprays can agitate the colony, causing it to split. This is known as “budding.” You definitely do not want this to happen — instead of getting rid of your ants, you’ll end up with multiple nests on your hands!
  • Many homeowners will buy both ant-killer spray and ant traps at the store. Then they use them both in the same place. Little-known fact: repellent sprays usually makes bait go bad, rendering them both ineffective. We suggest you stick to bait whenever possible.
  • Ants change their diets throughout the year. Therefore, not every ant bait you try will be effective. Be patient and persistent, and don’t be afraid to try a new type of bait if your current one doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Be sure to remove any food sources in the infested area. This way, they’ll be more likely to eat the bait
  • The liquid borate/borax baits are very popular, because almost all ants find it sweet as nectar. The downside? This kind of bait provides a slow kill. Mature colonies often reproduce faster than borax bait can kill them. Borate and borax baits are most effective for satellite nests and young colonies.