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Even if you have ants inside your home, our exterior ant treatment alone is over 90% effective, April through October. This method minimizes the need to apply pesticides indoors.

As with any pesticide application, plan on keeping children and pets out of the treatment area until the spray has dried. A few hours is sufficient in most cases. Once dry, the products have a low risk of acute toxicity.

We choose the most effective products that we can find, with the lowest risk to health and the environment. On top of that, our well trained technicians are State Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators. And all pesticides are applied according to the label.

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The Downside of Interior Ant Control During The Warmer Months

What many people fail to recognize is that the ants inside your home are connected to a colony outside. Additionally, even if part of that colony is nesting inside your home, it is still bound to the exterior. That is the reason that exterior treatments are so effective against ants during spring, summer, and fall. While it is understandable to think that control products should be used inside where the ants are, this can be counter intuitive. For example, ant bait stations. Otherwise known as ant traps.

An Innovative Approach

What better way for us to begin servicing your home than to apply a band of low toxicity, granular borate bait to the exterior of your home. This will stop them in their tracks and these vermin will be redirected far away from your crumbs.

This bait is highly attractive and it is considered organic. Not only does it grab the attention of the colony, it grabs it within minutes. After we scatter it alongside driveways, walkways, landscape edging, and patios, we take some time to apply a liquid residual product to the exterior perimeter of your home. This part of the service is detailed to prevent ants, spiders, centipedes and wasps from sharing your inhabitance.

Following the liquid residual pesticide application, we walk the band of granular bait and find out where the ants are taking it. I’ll tell you, not many exterminators take the time to do this, yet it is so worth it to do so. The ants basically lead us right back to their nests. This is where we can treat them directly. And a lot of times the nests are out in the driveway, back at a detached garage, or under a rock or patio.

If you can see a specific crevice that ants are entering the living space from, then a localized crack and crevice treatment can be performed to that location. This can cut off the pheromone trail leading further into your quarters.

If you have identified a specific area like this, then products can be applied indoors. This would be with the intention of injecting pesticide under a baseboard, or under a door threshold, or into a window frame. By doing so, there would be no pesticide applied out in the open. No exposure takes away the health risk of pesticide use inside.

Complete Control Coupled With Convenience

As professionals, it is our responsibility to take the time to solve your puzzle. And it is also our responsibility to get those dang ants out of your house ASAP. We have nailed down an efficient protocol, and convenient process.

After we find, track, and treat your ants, you will receive an emailed invoice. This will state the times we were present, weather conditions, pesticide record, and the cost of service. In that email there will also be a link to “pay online”. Most people choose to pay securely online with a credit card. Yet we do accept checks upon completion of the service.

Since ants can be treated from the exterior (April- October), and the invoice is sent electronically, there is no requirement for someone to be home during the time of service.

Prior to service, please close your windows. They may be opened once we are done. Also please keep all occupants, including pets, inside during the treatment. Do not reoccupy the treatment area until any liquid pesticide application has dried.

How Long Before You Don’t See Any More Ants?

Expectations for control is within 5 days. Professional ant control products have a transfer effect. It’s basically contagious. In that way, ant populations are reduced further than just killing the ants that directly come in contact with the treatment. In order for a transfer to occur, the products have a bit of a delayed killing effect. Thus giving the timeline for control, approximately 5 days.

If you are still seeing ants inside after this time, just let us know and we will promptly return to address the issue. Most call backs are due to inclement weather occurring post treatment, ants trailing in from neighboring properties, or ants accessing the home by vegetation touching the structure.


So if you would like to schedule, please let us know if you would like a single service for 175$, or if you would like to be on our quarterly maintenance plan for 108$ per visit. The single service warranties against ants, spiders, centipedes and wasps for 60 days. Being on the quarterly plan, you are warrantied year round. Please note that carpenter ants require us to do a little more investigative work, and to treat the trees on the property. Therefore a single service carpenter ant treatment costs 225$ plus tax.

If you require interior service please make the request. As previously mentioned, there is no need for someone to be present for treatments to the exterior perimeter. Invoices are sent through email. They can also be texted upon request.

In order to schedule an appointment, please provide us with your full name, service address, mailing address (if different), email address, and phone number.

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