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Ant Control Service

It is amazing how something so small can reek so much havoc on your life. After running out of options at the store, you find yourself searching for an ant exterminator nearby. Worried about the well-being of your children and pets, it is important to find out if the solution is worth the risk.

This is what the majority of our customers go through before using our ant control service. Keep in mind that your concerns are well-heard. Our ant control services have been developed to meet your needs and expectations.

Benefits Of Our Service:

  • Ant control sprays if needed indoors; they are strictly injected into cracks and crevices. This means that potentially harmful pesticides are not left exposed. Since children and pets cannot come into contact with our products, risk is minimized.
  • Ant bait is also applied into inaccessible crevices indoors. Otherwise all bait contained within plastic stations. The amount of active ingredient in bait, pales in comparison to sprays. Yet a small dab of it, will wipe out an entire colony of ants.
  • Exterior perimeter treatments go a long way controlling ants within your home. In most cases this alone does the trick. A properly applied exterior treatment keeps both the ants and the bug spray outside.
  • 60 day warranty provides free unlimited re-treatments if ants return inside of the home.

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Carpenter Ant Treatment

Getting rid of carpenter ants requires a bit of detective work. For instance, the Queen is always outside in a tree. She needs the high humidity to lay her eggs. Worker ants build separate nests to care for the older larvae. These satellite colonies are often in water damaged areas of your home. It is our job to locate these nests and treat them directly. As an additional measure, baits and non-repellent sprays are applied. By doing this, worker ants take the product back to the nests. This is especially useful when the Queen is in a tree next door.

Small Ant Service

Generally speaking, small ants develop large colonies outside of your home. As the colony matures, their feeding range expands into your home. You may be dealing with multiple different nests- all converging on your kitchen. Some of these small ant colonies are problematic due to the fact that they can have more than one Queen. Indoor infestations are specifically targeted with baits and crevice treatments. Exterior perimeter treatments knock them out- no matter where they trail in from.

Extend Your 60 Day Warranty

Ant Prevention- Exterior Baiting Program

Wondering why it is that you get ants every year at the same time? Do you feel like your house was built on an ant hill? Try out our exterior ant baiting program. While our single service ant control works wonders; understand that it takes time to eradicate the massive colony surrounding your home. Relieve the constant pressure from outside sources. Prevent ants before they get inside.

Preventing Carpenter Ants

The main carpenter ant colony is always outside in a tree. Although there may be multiple nests; there is only one queen. Once the queen is destroyed, the colony collapses. Unless you plan on cutting down every tree within 100 feet of your house, you’ll need to use bait. It can take a few applications for the bait to finally reach the queen. Following your initial service, you’ll have the option to purchase a package of 3 exterior bait applications. These target the hot spots- like trees, fence posts, and wood piles. Extend your warranty to 1 year.

Preventing Pavement Ants and Other Problem Species

Most small ants live underneath driveways, patios, walkways, and landscape edging. Sometimes it helps to overturn a few rocks to see what is underneath. You can’t lift up your driveway to see how many ants are underneath it though. After we pinpoint areas of activity, tamper resistant stations are set in just the right places. They will be maintained throughout the season to keep the population at bay. This program is especially effective for those perennial problems so many people have. Warranty your home year round with this ongoing program.

Pavement ant colony outside. Ant control in Rocky River, OH.

Tips and Tricks

You probably already know that getting rid of ants is no easy task. Here are some things you can try on your own:

  • Most importantly, do not apply over-the-counter sprays! Unless of course, you are able to treat an entire colony directly. Consider avoiding pyrethroid sprays altogether. This class of chemical is termed a repellent. Depending on the product’s level of repellency; you could end up actually trapping them inside. A lot of times ants will sit pretty until the pesticide wears off, then they come back. Additionally, many store-bought sprays can agitate the colony causing it to split. This is termed budding. You definitely do not want this to happen.
  • Many homeowners will buy both ant killer spray and ant traps at the store. Then they use them both in the same place. Take into consideration that repellent sprays usually makes bait go bad. So just stick to bait whenever possible.
  • Did you know that ants change their diets throughout the year? Therefore, not every ant bait you try will be effective. Be sure to remove any food sources in the infested area too. That way they eat the bait.
  • The liquid borate/ borax baits are popular. Ants find it sweet as nectar. The downside of it is that it provides a slow kill. Mature colonies often reproduce faster than the bait kills them. As a result- when a mature colony develops a foraging trail inside to your bait placement, it does little but draw more ants inside. Borate and borax baits will help knock off certain satellite nests and young colonies though.
  • There can be several thousand ants in a colony. Take the time to look for the ants outside. Go outside and flip some rocks or stepping stones over. You’d be surprised what you find.