Bay Village, OH Pest Control

Exterminating Services Offered In Bay Village

Pest Control in Bay Village, OH is pretty unique compared to other areas. While you can probably lump Avon Lake, OH into the same category, it is unlike a lot of surrounding areas. The average area home is a cape cod with a crawlspace instead of basement. The most common pest related issue that we run across in these homes are that the screens for the crawlspace vents need to be replaced. This is not always an easy task. Spider populations grow strong each year being a lakeshore community. Its bad enough when they are on the outside of your home; they are worse when one of those crawlspace screens are damaged. The crawlspace can be a breeding ground for spiders. Tons of insects live under rocks where it is cool dark and moist. In the same way, pests can take a liking to your crawlspace. Centipedes, earwigs, potato bugs all love that environment.

Bay Village is an older suburb with lots of mature trees. As a result, carpenter ant pest control is a popular exterminating service. We have actually ran into a great deal of wood destroying insects in Bay. Termites, carpenter bees, woodpeckers, are not uncommon to find attacking homes. The entire town seems to be on a wooded lot. That may have something to do with it.

Homes are build pretty low to the ground in Bay. While you might need a 30 foot extension ladder to reach the roof of a Lakewood home, you could do quite well with a 16 foot ladder in Bay Village. That being said, nuisance wildlife tends to attack vulnerable points on the roof. Raccoons find their way into chimneys. Squirrels and mice enter through roof vents. Chimney caps and vent covers are excellent investments if your home is not already equipped.

As you can see, Bay Village residents get attacked by pests from both below and above. One thing that doesn’t seem to bother them is rats! Since the storm water and sanitary sewer system is ran down the street in two separate lines; issues with rats entering homes are minimized. Mice make up the difference for sure. Bay Village and Avon Lake homes are barraged on an annual basis by field mice. These are bigger than house mice and can be vectors of significant disease pathogens.