Controlling Pests In Bay Village

Pest Control in Bay Village, OH is pretty unique compared to other areas. Did you know that Westlake, Bay Village, and Avon Lake used to be one territory? For this reason, we will include Avon Lake in our discussion, too. The two areas have fairly similar homes and, likewise, similar critters.

Homes With Crawlspaces

Across Avon Lake and Bay Village, you’ll find that Cape Cod homes spread the length of many streets. Often times, these Cape Cods will have a crawlspace instead of a basement. Pest problems occur when the screens that vent these empty crawlspaces break. When the screens break, mice inevitably find their way in. Smaller creatures crawl in, too. The reason for this is that living in a dark crawlspace is much like living under a rock. Lots of insects, such as earwigs and potato bugs, love to live under rocks. Therefore, if you have a crawlspace, you surely have some sort of insects living down there, too. It stands to reason that, eventually, at least one of those critters will pop up inside your living space. Usually, it’s not one of the rock-dweller species themselves that find their way in. Instead, it’s a spider or a centipede hunting for those rock-dwellers. Depending on the crawlspace, you can find some ridiculous amounts of spiders. Some crawlspaces are completely glazed over with webs. Other spaces breed those large, well-fed types of spiders. Regardless, neither one is pleasant to come across under your structure and so close to your living space!

Slab Homes

There are also a lot of slab homes in Avon Lake and Bay Village. These types of homes primarily have problems with small ants. The ant problems begin unknowingly, outside the structures. Ant colonies start out innocently enough — until they mature into super colonies underneath patios, sidewalks, and driveways. After that, secondary nests start to branch off. All of a sudden, the ants’ feeding range expands all the way into your home! If your house has cracks in the driveway, a sidewalk leading around the home, or a landing pad for outdoor living, your structure is susceptible to ants. The reason for this is that a lot of these ants will set up multiple nests. They can also have multiple queens. You may knock out the “problem” nest, only to realize you have ants popping up year after year. That’s likely because you missed a nest. Whenever there’s a surviving nest, the ants will keep bringing their troops back to your home.

Bay Village: Tree City USA

The next time there’s a big thunderstorm in Bay Village, try a little experiment. Immediately following a storm, take a cruise through the neighborhood. You’ll instantly notice all the branches littering the ground. On the other hand, if you were to walk through a neighboring town after a storm, you wouldn’t see half as much storm damage. The entire town of Bay Village appears to sit under a canopy of towering trees. In fact — did you know that Bay Village and Avon Lake, OH are called Tree Cities by the Arbor Day Foundation?

So how does this relate to pests? Well, for one thing — termites. TONS of homes in Bay Village fall prey to termites. Looking at our data from the last two years, most termite infestations that we’ve treated have come from Bay Village.

Another nasty wood-destroying insect that you’ll find in Bay Village is the carpenter ant. This is our most popular insect pest control service in this area. It stands to reason that, with so many trees, you’ll undoubtedly find these big black ants hanging around, too.

While wood-destroying insects are a big problem in Bay Village, residents actually call us for mice than for any other pest. Bay Village provides a great ecosystem for mice — there are so many tree nuts to feed on!

Diagnosing a mouse infestation in Bay Village is quite a fun adventure for us because so many homes are radically unique. The mice can squeeze into some funny spots inside these homes; we love using our detective hats to find every last hiding spot. If you find that you have mice in Bay Village, give us a call. Its pretty much our specialty!

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