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Of course, you might decide you need more help than a phone consultation can offer. In that case, we’re happy to provide you a quote for any service over the phone. Because all of our services are fixed-price, you can be sure that there will be no hidden fees or charges once we’re done. Note: although rare, there are specific cases where a home inspection is necessary to diagnose an issue.

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Get the support you need, even if you're not ready to hire a professional. We're happy to answer any questions you might have. After all, we're here to help!

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Good for you! But be wary of bad information online. We put together our Pest Library so that you can tackle these issues on your own with the best information out there. It is, without doubt, the most up-to-date and accurate library of Lakewood pests you’ll find. However, if you check it out and still can’t find what you need, send us a contact form request with any additional questions you might have. Ultimately, our mission is to help you — we’re happy to address your specific concerns directly so you can get to the bottom of the problem on your own.

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Want to sell us your service? While we love working with other businesses, we accept local inquiries only.

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If you’re a local business based in our community, please feel free to contact us. Because we value personal and local business relationships, we do not accept sales communication from marketing agencies and similar sales representatives. Similarly, we do not engage in business with solicitors.

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