Here is a handy link to preparation guidelines for pest control treatment at Cleveland, OH homes.

Upon arrival, be ready to share what you found inspecting the home for pests. Tell us your experience interacting with the pest problem. Let us go around and inspect for areas of activity. If there is any kind of pesticide application, make sure the treatment area is clear. Keep kids and pests contained until any liquid pesticide application has dried. For exterior perimeter treatments, keep the windows closed during application. If the pest control service is for mice and rodents, allow clear access to attics, basements, and kitchens. Remove any potential food and water sources that pests could consume. Do a general cleaning to rooms declared infested. Keep things clean around the house. After a few days, contact us if the pest problem is not resolved.

If the service property is a rental in Cleveland, share the preparation guidelines for cockroach pest control service, and bed bug extermination prep sheets.