Base how often you get pest control done on an action threshold that you set for yourself. Let’s say you get a kitchen ant invasion every spring. Then that is when you get a pest control treatment done. Otherwise, you can set a different threshold. Some people do not mind spiders outside. Yet if they see two inside within a week, they are going to call an exterminator. This would be an example of a threshold you can set.

It is basically your breaking point. Everyone reaches their breaking point before calling for pest control service. Consider setting your threshold in a practical manner. It might be difficult to eliminate all centipedes from your basement. In that case, set a threshold at 3 sightings in one week to warrant another treatment. Monitoring devices help to find out how much pest activity there is. In some cases, one pest sighting is enough to warrant a treatment. While you might not pick up the phone for one ant in your home, one rat sighting and you’ll want us to come right away!