To be truthful, retail ant control products are sub-par. The sprays kill ants too quick. They can cause budding of ant colonies. Which can complicate your problem even further. Manufacturers make consumer pesticides fool-proof. That way, you do not poison anything. This limits the effectiveness of available products.

Moreover, it is more about the strategy, than the actual products you use. Whether that is some kind of home remedy or retail product, you need to know the biology of the target pest. You have to admit, people want an easy solution. They do not want to research an ant’s lifecycle and habits. Most people seeking a way to do it themselves, want it to be easy. They are fine with putting out some Terro Bait Stations, or dishes of boric acid and sugar. (Which is basically the same thing.) Yet learning a new skillset is beyond comprehension. The internet is plagued by horrible information. It is easy to find blog articles written for SEO. It is hard to find solid information on how to do pest control the right way.

Yeah boric acid baits are pretty safe to use. Yet most people end up just drawing more ants into their house with it. My opinion is to save the time and effort. And hire us to do your ant control. As a result, we will lower your stress levels by eliminating your ants. You can skip putting cinnamon on your counters.

Interestingly, about 80% of the population will never hire an exterminator. If you fall into this category, read the following articles: