Carpenter ants are most active just after dark and just before sunrise. If you are unsure where the carpenter ants are coming from, do a search. Go outside a half an hour after sunset. Use a flashlight and look for ant trails on tree trunks. This will identify which trees we need to treat. Search for ants entering your home. They are usually found crawling up under the bottom lip of the siding. But they can also use cable wires and tree branches to enter the home.

Customers report carpenter ants to be more sporadic inside. They will find one in the kitchen. Then they will see one crawling on the wall. Unlike sugar ants, they don’t make trails that you can easily follow. This is why a preliminary nighttime search increases your chances of success. You should be able to find the trails at night.

Identify: What trees they are in. What crevice they are entering the living space from. And where they are coming inside from. This will allow us to take a targeted approach.