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At Lakewood Exterminating, we understand that your business is your livelihood. With that in mind, there’s almost nothing else that can sink your brand quite like a pest problem. Our goal is to help you keep your brand and your reputation safe with our commercial pest control service plan.

We pride ourselves on knowing the unique needs and concerns of local businesses, because we’re a local business just like you. We appreciate the hard work and effort you put into serving your community. We’re here to help you earn and keep your clients’ trust.

We offer several levels of treatment and prevention so that you can choose the level of protection your business requires. You can certainly call us anytime you spot a pest and need our one-time service. On the other hand, you can also sign up for a personalized, ongoing pest management plan.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Property management companies rely on us to get the job done right. Pest problems in rental units are often complicated, extensive, and deep-reaching. They require a different approach than an infestation in a single-family residence. Regardless, we’re known among businesses for getting the job done efficiently, time after time. We owe our success to our proven pest control protocol. Over the years, we’ve developed and tested this protocol to ensure that it attacks pests at the source and gets rid of them for good, regardless of species or location.

Landlords put their trust in us to take care of their pest issues. As a landlord, you never can be quite sure what’s going to show up in your rental property. A lot depends on the lifestyle of your tenants (and even that of their neighbors). We offer convenient online billing. Therefore, you don’t have to show up for any appointments if you live out of town are are too busy.

Offices and manufacturing buildings are in good hands with our team. In fact, before starting Lakewood Exterminating, our owner operated the pest control at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Schools and daycare facilities feel safe with our services due to our Quality Pro Schools Certification. We offer high quality Integrated Pest Management services (not to mention the fact that our family-friendly staff loves creating safe spaces for kids!).

Bed bugs in multi-unit housing don’t stand a chance against our bed bug protocol. Our multi-step process knocks beds bugs out with a three-prong punch. First, we secure the perimeter wall voids. Next, we lay down a lethal spray. Finally, we make beds inhabitable.

Convenient Scheduling

Everyone knows that it’s bad for business if a customer sees a rodent or a roach crossing their path. However, a customer spotting an exterminator at your business is almost as bad as them spotting an actual pest.

We offer several alternative options for inspection and treatment services. Our team will come to your business after hours and even overnight so that your customers never know the difference. We’ll help you keep your brand clean and respectable.

Low-Risk Products

Treating a commercial space is not like treating a home. While it’s easy to ask four or five family members to leave their home for a few hours, it’s a lot harder to ask a business to clear all of its customers during working hours. Furthermore, it’s hard to make sure customers are never exposed to pest treatment. Businesses are also at an increased risk for cross-contamination with pesticides. As a result, we use contained baits, insect growth regulators, and crack and crevice treatments whenever possible. Our line of products contains special formulations of pesticides that lower toxicity and last significantly longer than comparable products. Our commercial treatment protocol includes EPA Reduced-Risk Pesticides, along with mineral dusts, to minimize customer exposure to toxic material.

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