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Maintain your home pest free with natural control products!

Find out what its all about:

Initial Service

During your initial service we will address any current issues that you may be dealing with. Borate baits, and EPA Exempt products will be used in conjunction with an initial dust treatment. We will also use mineral based or organic dusts inside of wall voids and behind siding. This will block pests from entering your home, and it will take away their hiding places. Since many organic pest control sprays have little effect once they dry; dusting is an important first step in any natural or organic pest prevention plan. Due to the fact that some of the dust will go airborne we ask that the treatment area is vacated during and for 2 hours following initial treatment.

Followup Services

Service will continue on a monthly basis until canceled. Customers may cancel at anytime. Monthly service is provided on the exterior only unless interior service is requested prior to arrival. Prices are based on the square footage of the home or business. Please call us at (216) 466-2486 for pricing details.

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Pest Prevention: How is it done?

  • Suppress pest reproduction. Controls are strategically implemented during vulnerable points in the life cycle of pests.
  • Eliminate potential pest access. Pests come from nature. We make repairs to structures. This keeps pests out where they belong!
  • Elimination of potential shelter and habitat. Once pests have entered your environment, they tend to hide. We know where to look!
  • Remove the availability of food and water. All living things require sustenance. Doesn’t reading this make pest control sound easy?

Multiple Management Strategies and Tools

3 Pest Control Methods That Are Integrated Into One Program:

  • Mechanical Control:
    If you can reach out and touch your pest, it is often best to pick it up and remove it. Vacuuming, trapping, and steam cleaning, are examples of mechanical control methods.
  • Cultural Control: Every living thing has its own environmental conditions that it requires to survive. We manipulate these things to gain control of the pest population.
  • Chemical Control: No matter if the product you use is organic or synthetic, it is still considered a chemical control. We do not rely on chemical control. We rely on our extensive knowledge of pests. Chemical control is a tool. If it makes sense, we use it.

Systems Approach

Whether you operate a household or a business, you have certain systems in place. Our GreenPro Service utilizes these systems in its approach to pest prevention. Your GreenPro Technician will work with you and other participants in the systems of your home or business. Customer education, and a clear line of communication is essential to an IPM program’s success.
Cultural and certain mechanical controls can take time to properly implement. Often these are the safest, most effective controls available. Since some changes happen over time, responsibility to perform certain duties often fall on the building occupants. Customer participation is mandatory in our GreenPro Program. If establishing a partnership with your very own Pest Management Professional does not sound flattering; please contact us for our “conventional pest control services”.