We have developed multiple treatment options to better suit our customer’s needs. This makes us a better fit for a variety of customers. As a result, some people have a hard time deciding what treatment plan is best for them. If you can’t decide after reading this, we recommend starting with the most basic option. You can always expand off the Technician’s recommendations once he is at your place. You might find that a single service was satisfactory too.

For certain pests, we provide two visit plans. Cockroaches, fleas, moths, springtails, and bed bugs are all examples. We plan for 2 visits, based on the troublesome pests’ lifecycle.

Ants, wasps, hornets, spiders, and centipedes, have options for a single service or quarterly service. White homes close to the lake are like magnets for spiders. Similarly, ants can come from a colony that expands out into neighboring properties. If you receive a lot of pest pressure, quarterly plans provide a year-round warranty. You would have to decide if that is of value to you for the price. There is value in having a reliable company to respond if any pest problem pops up. Some people need it, some people enjoy the convenience and peace of mind. One thing is for sure, you won’t see many spider webs on your house with ongoing treatment.

Another benefit of the quarterly plan is that we can target mature colonies of ants over time. A single service is enough to stop ants from infesting your home for an extended period. But, it usually isn’t enough to control a mature colony of ants living in your trees or under your driveway. Ant populations are usually high for them to expand their feeding range inside. While the ants in your kitchen might have popped up today, it is likely that the colony has taken years to develop. In turn, it would take an extended period to eradicate them from your property.

We have a ton of people that only need single services for ants- granted the majority get it done each year. In this respect, most of our customers are on the quarterly maintenance plan. As far as revenue per service goes, our single service ant control comes in third place. It is in high demand and very effective. We support both levels of general household pest service. I hope this helps you decide what is best for you.
Coming in at second place in revenue per service is our single service mouse control. Moreover, we offer mouse control in single service or a 3-visit plan. Taking this into account, single service mouse control is more popular. Single services are budget-friendly. The initial service is similar for the 3-visit plan as the single service. Yet we tend to use traps more often with the 3-visit plan, instead of bait stations.

After discussing, you may decide that the use of rodenticide (bait) is not a great option. Then you’ll want to go with the 3-visit plan. Especially if you do not want to maintain mouse traps yourself (we set them, you check them).

Both mouse control services come with the same inspection. You get the same amount of repairs too.

The single service is best for budget conscious people. As long as you do not mind us using bait stations to control mice in the unfinished parts of their homes. Or we set traps for the customer to maintain.

The 3-visit plan allows us to maintain the interior control products. As a result, we can confirm that there is no more activity in the structure. Because of this, we provide a 90 day warranty.

You need to repair all potential entry points to control mice long term. Both services include a square foot area of patchwork repairs at ground level. In other words, this includes as many holes as possible that you can fit into a square foot area. Patchwork repairs are made with spray foam, Xcluder fabric, and clear sealant repairs.

Remember that upon inspection, there might be extra repair recommendations. This includes any repairs that need a ladder. And repairs underneath porches or decks. Screening vents, and tuckpointing with mortar are additional repairs too. And any patchwork repairs that exceed a square foot area.

Where mice are getting into attics, expect us to quote the repairs separately. In this case, the repairs would likely need a ladder. We do not remove lattice panels from around porches. If you want more than a visual inspection under porches, then you will have to provide access by removing a panel.

We attempt to seal up as many holes that we can include. There may be extra repairs needed to prevent mice from accessing your home. Even though the 3-visit plan costs more, it does not mean that we patch up all the potential entry points included. The extra cost covers the 2 visits to maintain the traps/ bait placed during the initial service.