Save time trying to do it yourself.

You will also save money on products that do not work- then paying an exterminator on top of it.

Immediate resolution. People usually complicate the issue by waiting and trying things themselves.

Reduce stress of having pests in the household. This is a big one. Pest infestations stress people and entire households. We do a lot of counseling for our customers. Paying for professional relief is well worth it!

I am a big advocate of putting a price on your time. For example, you want to buy a ping pong table. The options are to buy one new for 500$, or buy one used for 250$. The new one comes delivered, assembled and with a warranty. The other comes as-is, assembly required, and you must transport it to your home.

While the used one is half price, you must factor in the cost of renting a truck to move it. Then you must buy your friend pizza to help you move it. Let’s say that adds on 100$. Someone is likely to get a sore back or stub a toe moving it too. Factor in going to the bank, planning with the seller, renting a truck, moving it, and assembling it. After all that, is it worth it to buy a used ping pong table without the assurance of a warranty?

There is a lot of value in making a few clicks online to have a brand-new ping pong table delivered to your doorstep. Likewise, there is a lot of value in paying for a skilled tradesman to provide a service to your home. Open time to do more important things. You reduce the chances of the problem persisting and becoming worse. You also reduce the stress that you and your household go through living with the pest for a long time.

Depending on how you value your time and quality of life, determines if pest control is worth paying for. All our customers fall into two categories. First are people who value paying to resolve a problem that they are not trained to resolve. Second are people who have tried to resolve it on their own and failed. Which one do you want to be?