Our mouse exterminator will text you when he is on his way to your Cleveland home. The initial service takes 45 minutes- an 1 hour and 15 minutes. We will use boot covers while inside your home. Upon arrival, we ask that you show us the potential problem areas inside. Let us know what you have been seeing and where. This is usually the kitchen, basement, attic and garage.

Following the interior inspection, your mouse exterminator will do an exterior inspection to locate potential entry points. We include a square foot of ground level patchwork repairs.

We come back inside and let you know what we did, and recommend additional repairs if there are any.

Traps/ rodenticide is applied for interior control. The goal is to repair the entry points and trap/ exterminate what remains inside.

For single services, customers agree to maintain traps/ allow the use of rodenticide.

For 3-visit plans, traps are primarily used. Interior mouse control products are maintained during the 2 follow-up services. The first trapping follow-up visit is generally within a few days of the initial service, then a handful more days for the third visit. When bait is primarily used for control, follow-ups can be spread a week or so apart.