How toxic are the pesticides that exterminators use? Are they safe to use around our children and pets? Are they okay to use if there are elderly or a pregnant woman in the home? A lot of Cleveland, Ohio exterminators claim that their pest control services are safe for children and pets. But how safe are these services that they provide? Is it really the best option for you and your family?

Responsible Use Of Pesticides

Our approach to eradicating insects differs from most pest control companies in Cleveland. Our main goal is to educate the customer so that they can make the positive movement away from using our services. We sell chemical control treatments to quickly get our customers back on track. We also do everything we possibly can to avoid maintaining pest populations by means of chemical control methods.

We apply an integrated pest management approach to exterminating

Treatment plans focus on excluding pests from homes and businesses.
The pests’ environment is manipulated during specific points in their life cycle to achieve control without the use of pesticides.
The pests’ population is monitored, and chemical controls are used only when their numbers exceed a certain level.
These three fundamentals, along with responsible application, minimizes any effect that the pesticides we use have on the environment.

Our Service

This is what we sell:

We sell chemical pest control treatments.
Nearly all of them at a fixed cost.
More often than not, we guarantee that our chemical control will eliminate your pest problem for a specific period of time.
During each visit a thorough pest inspection is provided.
The inspection results are provided to the customer as a list of cultural and mechanical control options.
We work with customers to implement these natural controls. That way the need for chemical controls is reduced, and eventually eliminated.
Not allowing a pest to enter a structure is key to long term success. Most pest control companies exclude pests by creating a chemical barrier along foundation walls. A customer often signs an annual contract so that the chemical barrier can be maintained throughout the year. Our initial service includes up to 3 linear feet of foaming and caulking to the exterior of a home. Sometimes this alone is enough to solve a customer’s pest problem for good.

Pesticide Toxicity

There are two ways a body can be effected by a chemical exposure: Acutely and Chronically. The services we provide are structured to minimize a customers long term exposure to pesticides. We feel like its not always the toxicity of the pesticide but the application of the product that does the most harm.

As pest management professionals we apply these pesticides on a near daily basis. We are aware of the dangers of exposing ourselves to pesticides both in the short term and long term. Not everyone is aware of how toxic a pesticide is, how it persists in the environment, or how it reacts in the body. Everyone directly or indirectly exposed to pesticides has the right to know this information. We encourage everyone to educate themselves by visiting the National Pesticide Information Center.