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Spider Control Service

Get rid of spiders with our full line of defense strategies. Start with our single service spider control that comes with a 30 day warranty. Enjoy pest-free living with our seasonal pest control service. Our GreenPro service focuses on long term population reduction through exclusion, habitat modification, and removing their food source.

With over 600 species of spiders in Ohio, what is the best way to control your spiders in your home? It all starts with a detailed pest inspection. Proper identification of the problem species is necessary to formulate a control plan based on the spiders’ life cycle and environmental requirements. Cultural recommendations to reduce harborage, entry points and food sources will be provided with every visit. Experience lasting results and fast relief through the use of our spider control service.

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders

There are 3 categories of spiders: Web-weaving, active-hunting, and passive-hunting spiders. Each of them live very different lives. Therefore there are unique treatment techniques used for each one. For example, web-weaving spiders rarely contact the ground. Spraying surfaces for these spiders have minimal effect since their feet are elevated on their web.

yellow sac spider control

Yellow sac spiders are common household spiders. On top of that, they bite.

  • Vacuuming easily destroys their soft bodies and webs.
  • The use of a Webster Duster improves the aesthetic appearance of a home by removing spider webs. Increase effectiveness of your sprays by removing webs prior to treatment.
  • Seal gaps under siding, and around basement windows. Replace damaged screens to vents around your home. Check your window air conditioner units for gaps.
  • Sticky traps can be strategically placed for passive and active-hunting spiders. Since these guys are so reclusive it can be tricky to find them. Let them come to you.
  • Trim back vegetation from around the home. This creates a barrier between the spiders’ natural habitat and your home. A lot of the spiders that find their way indoors come from the shrubs and vines planted along the foundation.
  • Remove clutter inside and around the exterior foundation. Minimal hiding places equals minimal spiders.
  • Replace standard exterior light bulbs with yellow bug light bulbs. This will stop attracting the flying insects that spiders feed on.
  • Use motion detectors on exterior security lights instead of leaving them on constantly at night-time.
  • Outside lights are not the only lights that attract spiders. Close your blinds at night and turn off lights when the room is not occupied.
  • Spiders in basements often feed on potato bugs. Try controlling them instead of just spraying for the spiders. There are a lot of good natural control options for potato bugs.

How To Figure Out What Kind Of Spider You Have

There are some great resources on the internet to help you identify spiders. Spiders.us has an extensive data base that has a filter to display the ones found in Ohio. Better yet ODNR Division of Wildlife has a great collection of identification guides. You can download their Common Spiders of Ohio guide. It is awesome!

Feel free to email us photos of your pests. We can identify them for you for free!