Please allow some time for the treatments to work.

Give general pest treatments approximately 5 days before requesting a follow-up service.

Mouse problems generally take about the same amount of time to see results. Please report any activity that occurs two weeks following the previous service.

Fleas and cockroaches especially, take time to establish themselves. Likewise, elimination can take some time. Hence the need for 2 treatments. With these pests, expect to not to see any in about a month.

Your technician will provide you with what to expect at the time of service. Additionally, you will receive a follow-up email a few days post treatment. We ask that you reply to this email with any follow-up questions that you may have. If you need follow-up service, we will return to address any issue. Enjoy free follow-ups during your warranty period (with current activity). One thing to keep in mind is that we treat the home to control and prevent pests from the structure itself. We cannot guarantee that you will not see ants, spiders, or bugs outside, away from the home.