In today’s world, everywhere we look we see some form of technology at work. Technology is a vital part of our everyday lives…and in so many ways, it gives us safety and peace of mind.

When a bed bug issue arises, we expect our pest control professionals to use the latest methods and technologies to detect and eradicate them. The latest technology for bed bug detection is the bed bug detection K-9. Forest City K-9 supplies this technology.

Forest City K-9 is a K-9 bed bug inspection service, located on Cleveland’s west side. Our K-9’s and handlers have undergone highly specialized training to detect the presence all life stages of bed bugs. Our K-/handler teams have earned dual certifications in conjunction with their training. This ensures the very best and most accurate inspections possible. We service residential, commercial and medical customers in the Greater Cleveland area.

Unleash the Power of K-9 Bed Bug Detection

Our company is growing as K-9 bed bug detection is becoming more popular. The benefits of using a trained and certified K-9 for bed bug inspections include:

  • Accuracy – While nothing is 100 perfect, our K-9’s provide 98% to 99% accuracy. All K-9 alerts are verified by the handler, thus virtually eliminating the false alert.
  • Cost Effective – Our K-9’s pinpoint the exact location bed bugs are hiding. Treatment can be done only in the area of the alert, rather than a entire structure. Which in turn can save you a lot of money.
  • Inspections Done “As Is” – Bed bug inspections are done with your structure “as is”. Beds do not need to be taken apart, furniture does not need to be moved.
  • Proven Results – Work is completed by our highly trained and certified team. Forest City K-9’s bed bug detection team raises the bar with the backing of two certifying agencies.
  • Assistance To Pest Control Professionals – While experienced pest control professionals are extremely good at finding bed bugs, sometimes they can be missed. Our K-9/handler teams assist pest control companies using K-9 bed bug inspections to make sure nothing is missed. These inspections save the pest control professionals a lot of time and work, allowing him to focus his energies on eradicating these pests from your home or business.
  • Peace Of Mind – The ultimate benefit. A bed bug issue is much easier to deal with once you know what you are dealing with. It can be incredibly nerve-racking when you don’t know whether or not live bed bugs are present. It becomes so much easier when you know for sure…if you actually have a bed bug issue and if so, where they are hiding.

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If you have the slightest suspicion you may have a bed bug issue, have a bed bug inspection done right away. If you wait too long, a small infestation will turn into a larger one very quickly. Forest City K-9 is available 7 days a week for bed bug inspections. Our phone lines are manned after hours for emergency situations. Please don’t wait! Call (216) 465-2670 for an appointment.